Old Style Tarot
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Old Style Tarot
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This charming 79-card deck pays homage to classic European tarot traditions with appealing vintage-style illustrations that highlight clear tarot symbolism. Designed to be a working deck, Old Style Tarot appeals to both beginners and those who read intuitively. An extra blank card can be used for further explorations of queries. The 104-page illustrated booklet offers upright and reversed meanings, along with advice, warnings, and quick answers for insightful readings.

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    79 cards measure 4.125” x 5.875”; Box measures 4.3” x 6.1”
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    Alexander Ray
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What Customers Are Saying About Old Style Tarot

In my opinion this deck is perfect in every way, and I love everything about it!  The colors are just perfect, not too bold and bright, but yet not too muted and monotone either, just the perfect blend of colors.   The cards are large enough to see the beautiful illustrations clearly but yet not so big where it becomes difficult and cumbersome to shuffle.  There are a total of 79 cards with one extra card that is blank, representing a 'wild' card or when something is not yet clear at the time of the reading, which adds a nice touch to readings as that card did come up for me in a couple of my own readings. The cards themselves are easy to read, and it's one of those decks that you can pick up and just read right out of the box without needing to read or study the guidebook for any length of time, although it does come with a nice guidebook that includes the upright and reversed meanings as well as a 'Warning' and a 'Quick Answer' section for each card. I have no doubt this will become a popular deck this year and beyond and will definitely be one of my go-to decks for many years to come.
—Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

New deck, old style...literally! This is the Old Style Tarot by Alexander Ray, the creator of the Old Style Lenormand. It will appeal to you if you, like me, enjoy a good "vintage" revival, a traditional approach, an Old World flair, and the elegance of an art deck. A fine "everyday reader", fine in every respects. The high quality packaging, the refined palette of colors, the lovely artwork are the features we look for in collectible decks and the Old Style Tarot will surely shine and find its place on your shelves. It embraces the traditional RWS system and yet the creator managed to inject interesting and unexpected little cameos in the artwork of some of the cards, giving the reader the chance to refresh their interpretation and add new layers to the messages that come through. The guidebook is concise but meaningful, and worth reading from cover to cover.
—Mina's Bookshelf, Tarot collector & YouTuber

With the success of his Old Style Lenormand, Russian psychologist, writer, and illustrator Alexander Ray has created a new tarot deck using the same vintage aesthetic. Ray’s illustrations are not only beautifully detailed but also incredibly warm and familiar, almost as if they've been lifted from the pages of a childhood fairy tale. While the artwork heavily draws from the traditional Original Rider–Waite® Tarot deck, the antique visuals Ray has incorporated into each card harken back to a time when cartomancy, divination, and séances were more commonplace. When picking up this deck, one can’t help but to feel as if they’re picking up a piece of tarot history.
The accompanying guidebook is very robust, detailing not only the upright and reversed meanings but also highlighting the 'Card’s Advice', 'Warnings', and 'Quick Answers'. Having practiced tarot for quite some time, this new approach to the guidebook is incredibly helpful and allows the reader to better understand Ray’s artistic intentions behind each image.
If you’re new to tarot or are looking for a substitute for the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith style deck, the Old Style Tarot would be a great, familiar addition to any collection.
—Nick, Tarot collector & reader / PageofCupsTarot on Instagram

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting to know the Old Style Tarot from U.S. Games Systems the past two weeks! This tarot has the perfect blend of familiar and new elements in the card illustrations, making it readable right out of the box while allowing for those exciting “wow!!” moments I know I certainly love. The vintage imagery is something I was immediately drawn to, giving the deck a really lovely elegance. What caught me by surprise was the botanicals in the artwork- it’s slotting in SO perfectly to this time of year as we watch spring slowly creep in 
—Christa Chronicles, Deck collector & blogger

The Old Style Tarot was an instant attraction and love for me. Just as the name implies it is definitely an artwork from another time. The creator of this deck Alexander Ray truly shows his great love and respect for the tarot system in this deck but also his love of classic European traditions and illustrations. This deck reminds me of an updated yet beautiful rendition of an Ancient Italian and Marseille style. The Old Style Tarot has got to be my new favorite deck in this art style. The card stock is a beautiful smooth finish and a very firm core. It truly shuffles and fans like a dream and besides the breath-taking artwork on the front the backs are equally beautiful. This deck reads like a dream and is also a wonderful choice for beginners and advanced readers alike. The book is small but impactful with its upright and reversed meanings, card advice, warning, and even gives a quick answer. The box is also beautiful and easy to store on your shelves without taking up too much space. I highly recommend this deck for anyone who has a great love of the classics and likes going back to the traditional beginnings within the tarot system. To view all the gorgeous artwork and hear example readings from the book check out my YouTube channel at Amethyst Ascension for a full walk through.
—Rachele, Amethyst Ascension on YouTube

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