Old Style Lenormand
Old Style Lenormand
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Old Style Lenormand brings charming, vintage-looking illustrations to a modern Lenormand audience. The simple and concise imagery provides highly specific answers to your questions. Playing card inserts increase the divination power of the cards. Old Style Lenormand is comprised of 38 cards (including two Man and two Lady cards). A 92-page illustrated booklet accompanies the deck.

Alexander Ray is a popular Russian psychologist, writer and illustrator who creates divinatory tools that help people find their place in life. 

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    Box measures: 2.6" x 4", cards measure: 2.5"x 3.75"
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    Alexander Ray
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What Customers Are Saying About Old Style Lenormand

My favorite! Have several sets, but there were always one or two cards that were pictured not quite right for me. And that would throw the whole deck off for me. (My heart would wince.) But then I found this deck and everything clicked. It's just beautifully illustrated and soothing, sort of faded colors. Just the right size for shuffling. I think what you read so often in reviews is true. You know when you know, and the right deck does feel like it speaks to you. Anyway. Wish I knew how to donate my many unused Tarot and Lem decks. I'm sure they would speak to others. But I can't speak highly enough about these gently illustrated Lems for me.
—Sus, Amazon customer

I love these beautiful cards!  They're adorable to look at, easy to see, a nice feel to the hands, and shuffle nicely... It comes with a nice book.  A perfect set of Lenormand cards and book. A must have for me. Thank you.
—Man W., Amazon customer

Love this deck. I have tried several Lenormand decks, but this one is my favorite.  The images are clear and the numbers are also very clear. If you read Lenormand, you know that it's important to see the number of the card. I would recommend this deck to any Lenormand user.
—Ella, Amazon customer

Great divinational tool. I love these cards. They are small easy to hold and come with a book. Lenormand is a great tool for a day to day questions. It won't give you a whole lot of a spiritual meaning what tarot does, but I think it's great when it comes to practical matters of life and wanting to know about the future.
—Maria S., Amazon customer

Excellent. The cards are well thought out in detail and also convenient to use. For those who want a deck of 'Lenormand', I would definitely recommend Old Style.
—Albert, Amazon customer

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