Was my card double charged for my order? 

No, only a temporary pre-authorization has been issued. 

If I place my order today when will it arrive? 

This depends on where you are located on the volume of orders we currently have, please call a customer service associate to confirm arrival date. Your order may not ship out the same day it was placed, depending on what time you placed your order. 

Do you offer replacement cards? 

Yes, we will replace lost or damaged cards. Please contact customer service for assistance. 

Do you offer drop shipping? 

No, we do not offer this option. 

What is the minimum order quantity? 


Do I have to order by case quantity or can I order any quantity? 

No, you may order any quantity. 

Can you print a custom deck or cards just for me? 

We do offer custom print runs, however there is a minimum quantity required. Please contact customer service for assistance. 

Why do I have to pay extra for my international order?

International resellers please note that international freight charges are estimated, we will contact you with final shipping method and charges, if different from the estimate. 

Can I use  a P.O. Box address for shipping?

UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes. If your address is a P.O. Box we will use USPS to ship your order.