Trinity Tarot
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Trinity Tarot
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This beautifully concise, 78-card tarot deck is ideal for both beginners and seasoned readers. It includes a prompt sheet of card meanings and reimagined, genderless card titles such as: The Apprentice (Page), The Champion (Knight), The Keeper (Queen), The Crown (King), The Revealer (High Priestess), The Proclaimer (Hierophant), The Nurturer (Empress), The Defender (Emperor). This square-shaped deck's uncluttered imagery makes space for the reader's own personal interpretations and wisdom.

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    78 cards measure 3” x 3”; Box measures 3.625” x 3.625” x 1.5”
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    Ari Wisner

What Customers Are Saying About Trinity Tarot

A nice and simple pocket-sized tarot deck that is square shaped and comes in a two-part hard case square box. The illustrations on the cards are very simple and minimal, yet they are very easy to read as the symbols on each card are based on the Rider Waite Smith System. The court cards have all been renamed from page, knight, queen and king to apprentice, champion, keeper and crown. I used this deck as a clarifier deck in my tarot readings and found the size just perfect to lay them on top of my tarot spread since they are pocket size, you can still see the cards in your spread underneath. This will definitely be one of my go to decks for travel as it is a convenient size to take with you on the go!
—Anne Ti, Deck collector & YouTuber

I enjoy using this deck. It has a crisp, clean look that is inviting and settling. The images are adorably rendered and it’s interesting to see how and where the symbolism is simply presented. At first glance, they almost seemed almost too simple, as if there would be nothing to connect to in a reading, but I was eager to compare the cards to the RWS and so I did. The size is about the same as a tin deck, so I chose to compare it next to the Universal Waite in a tin on my channel and I found that there is actually a good bit of symbolism present on the cards. I think it turned out to be an exercise that truly helped me find what parts of the imagery called to my intuition and helped me connect to the meaning of the cards. Moving forward, I will enjoy playing with these and taking advantage of square shape of the cards, assigning different meanings to the cards as they arrive on my table facing any one of their four possible directions.
—Robyn's Reflections, Deck collector & YouTuber

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