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Folklore Tarot
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Inspired by rich mythological traditions, Folklore Tarot presents deep universal truths about the nature of our world. Though originating from diverse cultures, the stories of myth and legend share common themes, pathways and archetypes, which are woven into powerful symbols of tarot. Folklore Tarot bridges the gap between the past and the present, bringing the wisdom of ancient beings to guide us on our current journey. Every pip card is illustrated with intricate floral elements, while the court cards and Major Arcana feature characters from world mythology. Includes 136-page illustrated guidebook and 78 cards black painted-edge cards, printed with a unique combination of spot gloss and matte varnish, adding vibrant pops of color.

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    Box measures 3.14” x 5.11”, 78 cards measure 2.75” x 4.75”
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    Rowan Ortins

What Customers Are Saying About Folklore Tarot

The Folklore Tarot is a charming and comprehensive compendium of myths, legends, and archetypes derived from different cultures, lores, and belief systems. The scope of the folktales inspiring the imagery is wide and diverse with hints to different areas of the world and distant time period and civilizations -' from northern, celtic, gaelic traditions to Greek-Roman deities pantheon, middle eastern myths, Judeo Chistian belief system, far East as well as Egyptian and pre-columbian civilizations. The guidebook provides a robust support to the imagery: the references to myths, legends, alchemy, and astrological correspondences are detailed and exhaustive. The rich tapestry of themes and myths is held together in a cohesive manner by the creator's artistry featuring a clever and whimsical use of UV gloss and spot colors. The black background intensifies the mystical effect and the result is at the same time playful and magical. An instant favorite for me.

—Mina's Bookshelf, tarot reader & YouTuber

One of the prettiest pip decks I have ever seen, the minor arcana has different colorful florals and leaves on them against a black background which makes the colors really pop, giving it a glow in the dark like feel.  The major arcana has an additional symbol at the bottom of each card which is explained in the guidebook and adds an additional layer of meaning to your readings.  The cards are etched in black, which gives them an added touch of class and are standard tarot card size that are very easy to shuffle. The deck incorporates a diverse array of many cultures around the world and brings them all together in this one deck. If you are looking for a pip deck that is different and unique then look no further as you will definitely be pleased to add this deck to your collection.

 —Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

The deck is enchanting on the table. The ombre colors with the spot gloss overlay is very pretty. The pips are all florals and plant life which are beautiful. I really like the new painted edges. I think they give the deck a nice sleek finish. Something that was unexpected is that all of the cards contain an alchemical symbol and for the major arcana the guidebook has a small section describing the why the each symbol was paired with each archetype. I appreciated the insight into the creatures thinking for the choices. This is a fun and whimsical pip deck that I think will be perfect for my moon readings paired with The Witching Hour Oracle! I’m very excited to use if for my next moon reading.

Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

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