The Dreamkeepers Tarot
The Dreamkeepers Tarot
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The intriguing imagery of Dreamkeepers Tarot represents years of Liz Huston’s journey of personal growth and healing. Huston presents tarot as a mirror that reflects our deep inner truths and reveals our hidden motivations, beliefs and expectations. Her art creates an alchemical blend of multiple paint media with digital photographic montage, offering signs and symbols to help the reader interpret tarot and all its wisdom. Includes 78-card deck and 180-page illustrated guidebook.

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    Box, 7.375” x 5.325”; 78 cards, 2.75” x 4.75”
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    Liz Huston

What Customers Are Saying About The Dreamkeepers Tarot

First of all, this deck is everything I love in a set of cards - beautiful, realistic imagery with a bit of whimsy and a very Victorian feel, I love absolutely everything about this deck, right down to the card backs. The feeling I got when first shuffling these (like a dream, pun intended) was that it’s the perfect blending of eclecticness like from that of independent decks and the beauty and quality of what one sometimes can experience from a more mass market product. To know it is both is very apt, and in that alone only adds to its uniqueness. Best of all, the beautiful nature of the cards extends to its actual readings as well. The accuracy and clarity in conveying messages is incredible, and the images lend an amazing level of intuitive impression that cannot be matched. In terms of where I’d rate this, easily five stars... my favorite deck and the most personally gorgeous in my opinion. This deck is a winner!
—“BKT”, Amazon customer

I absolutely love the art, the backings, the cardstock, and the book for this deck. It uses the RWS format but creates so much more depth. Highly recommend.
—Mira, USGS customer

Absolutely worth it and more. My best set to date. I have so many Tarot sets but this by far is more than likely my favorite set I would say. The art work is mind-blowing, absolutely stunning. The detail in each card is so well thought out. The packaging is a nice box set, not to big. I love the book inside is not the tiny little paper that you have to get a magnifying glass to read, yet not the gigantic book that takes up to much room to store. The book is so well thought out and very well written. Don’t second guess if you’re debating on purchasing this set. Absolutely well worth it!
—Beth'a El-Shamy

Beautiful, so surreal !! Great purchase, I don't know why it took me so long to buy it, I thought it too much, its very similar to "mystical tarot" I also have it, both beautiful , but this one it has like darker color shades and images, mystical is more colorful, and seems like more joyful, in my case, love both, because I love tarot with a little bit of darkness. its all about surreal images. it comes with the little book in a great solid box. great purchase and great price. the quality of the cards also very good.
—Giselle Wasaff

Why did I wait so long to buy this amazing deck. This guide book has the most beautiful and intelligent words and ways to explain the art and the process of how and why the card shows up. The cards themselves have nice sturdy cardstock but easy to shuffle. I’m a hard sell and this blew me away.
—Tina Polley

Liz Huston's beautiful art work, ten long years in the making. I am so happy to have this deck.

Beautiful!! I just received the Dreamkeepers tarot cards. Very impressed!! The cards come with a guide book, explaining each card, thoroughly. For the cost of these cards, they are exceptional! ..The card stock is nice and thick. If you love the Victorian era, you will love these cards.

Lovely cards! These cards are beautiful and once you get them down to the point of truly understanding them, they are excellent to read with. I bought them for the artwork. Some of them are very odd and I guess as I am odd myself, I identify with them. I would recommend them to anyone! They are truly gorgeous!
—Stacy L

Lovely deck. This has quickly become a favorite deck. I love it! It’s beautiful and the book is very well written.

Amazing Deck. This beautiful imagery, Mystical and yet artistical makes one think outside the box and stimulates their own imagination to the full. It is worth every penny. Liz Huston, a native of Los Angeles, California, may live in a place known for interesting characters, but it's in Huston's the truly unique characters exist Entirely self-taught, Huston's work has evolved over two decades from a traditional film photography focus into digital assemblage, photo montage, and currently into mixed media through combining acrylics, oil and watercolours with her digital works. She also has an art Gallery in New York. she has done studies for over 2 decades in esoteric and tarot, astrology, Buddhism, Hinduism and other streams.You will enjoy this deck if you like to think outside the box and let your imagine fly free.

Chatty Deck! I love this deck and I call it my Gemini deck because it seems to talk a lot, and fast lol. Artwork is beautiful and definitely dreamy. I love this deck.
—Annette West

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