The Mind's Eye Tarot
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The Mind's Eye Tarot
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Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide
The Mind’s Eye Tarot invites you to embark on an adventure of the spirit, allowing your imagination to be your trusted guide. Through her lush, mixed media artwork using tea and gold ink, Olivia Rose conveys the intuitive creative process that inspired The Mind’s Eye Tarot and infused it with positive energy. The 78 borderless cards encourage us to dive deep into our own emotions to connect with the stories and symbolism of tarot and discover their meanings and messages. Includes 78 gold gilt-edged, linen finish cards and 172-page illustrated guidebook.

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    Box measures 4.375” x 6.375”; 78 cards measure 2.75” x 4.75”
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    Olivia Rose

What Customers Are Saying About The Mind's Eye Tarot

With this deck U.S. Games put Olivia Rose on the map for me. Her tarot deck is stunning  on so many levels: the artwork is strikingly beautiful and, while intentionally paying homage to the Raider Waite tradition, the deck features a beautifully innovative use of art media (splendid is the combination of ink, markers, and tea on a linen-finish textured cardstock) and a Sidhe fae energy that is hard to ignore. The imagery evokes the supernatural and enchanting vibes of a faerie folk world populated by beautiful human-like creatures with pointy ears and wide eyes. Striking color schemes, seductive hues, intricate lines and patterns, flowing and fae-like figures are the imprint of her familiarity with fashion illustrations and I am here for it! Beautifully packaged and easy to read—I couldn't ask for more.

Mina's Bookshelf, tarot reader & YouTuber

This deck is absolutely stunning. I loved the darker background,  but the deck itself does not read dark during daily pulls or regular readings. I found myself drawn in by the artist's unique style and fae energy surrounding the art in these cards. The eyes themselves within the cards created an interesting thought pattern for me focusing on how much our eyes are the windows to our souls with the tarot cards looking back at me.
My favorite card in this deck is the Sun card, even though this deck pulls on traditional RWS readings, the sun card doesn't have the "baby" which always puts me off so I was very pleasantly surprised to find the sun card did not have the running child theme. It made my enjoy this deck a lot more. It's amazing how individual cards and artists takes can change how we feel about that card and deck.
The book is well done, while the meanings are only a few paragraphs long, I truly feel the artist deep dived into her own perception on these cards and pulled out wonderful takeaways. Great deck for those who enjoy fae energies and unique art.

—Summer Ross (AstariaSen), YouTuber

This deck is hauntingly beautiful and it reads like a dream. The readings are clear and precise. The cards are linen which makes them easy to shuffle and handle, even for those of us with smaller hands. The interpretations for the cards stick closely to RWS so they are easy to follow  and each suit presents a different species which I also really enjoy. I think this would be a good beginner set if you enjoy this artwork before it would be easy to use and the guidebook prompts you to search the imagery for story and inspiration which is a good way to learn to read in my opinion. For anyone who reads specifically with directionality, you should note that most of the characters are front and/or left facing. There are only a few that are right facing. It hasn’t been a problem for me so far though. They are still reading quite well. Other than that this deck is fabulous and I also think it’s going to be a wonderful addition to my fall collection as it pairs nicely with a lot of my fall decks. 

Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

A beautiful gold gilt deck that is whimsical and different but yet still follow the Rider Waite Smith System for those who are familiar with the RWS system and does not want to deviate from it but yet looking for something new and different and fresh to change up their readings a bit or add to their collection, this deck will meet both those criteria. The deck reads well and shuffles well and I was pleasantly surprised using this deck as I do not own too many whimsical decks but I thoroughly enjoyed using and reading with this deck and have done several readings with it that turned out to be very accurate and on point.

—Anne Ti, tarot collector & YouTuber

The artwork on the deck is absolutely beautiful and stunning! I love that the illustrated guide is in COLOR and is large, with the deck and booklet fitting nicely together in a sturdy box.
—Sharla, USGS customer

Without a doubt I can say that this has been the most visually beautiful tarot I have, and I'm not just referring to the illustrations which are truly captivating, authentic, with a very nostalgic and original style. This deck fills the eye and soul, neither the photos nor the video do justice to how beautiful the entire product is, the cards are printed on textured material, which makes the images stand out even more, the book and the packaging, equally excellent quality and with attention to the editorial and box design. I fell in love! as you may have noticed.
Cecilia, Amazon customer

The linen card stock is amazing.  Shuffles like a dream.  The art work absolutely grabbed me with the first card!  This creator did the work and the result is perfect.  The imagery is more beautiful “in person”. Having said all this….i have a HUGE collection of tarot and oracle decks.  This one is now in my top 5.  And that is saying something lol!!! Don’t hesitate.  Purchase it!!!
—Nancy, Amazon customer

I’m a professional tarot reader and also have a YouTube channel… (prism portal tarot) and let me tell you, I have over 200 decks. I shuffle a LOT! And these cards don’t stick at all and move with ease in the hand. The artwork is just… beyond. I mean, any one of these 78 cards could be a framed painting in your home that takes up an entire wall, and it would be the most beautiful piece in your home, hands down. It’s easy to read intuitively if you don’t have the original tarot card meanings memorized, and it’s just so mesmerizing to look at. I could stare at these cards for hours in wonder. I can’t wait to start using them outside of private use and for the public. They are a gift to us all.
—Prism Portal Tarot, YouTuber

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