Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas
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Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas
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Spiritual storyteller and visionary artist Andrea Furtick created The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas to offer an enlightened viewpoint for diverse readers. She designed the 80 cards with vibrant colors, a blend of ancient and modern symbolism, and a wide array of melanated skin tones. The cards are printed on holographic paper with gold gilded edges. The exuberant deck realigns the traditional esoteric structures for a more positive, accessible, inclusive and transformative tarot experience.

The full color illustrated 108-page guidebook presents thought-provoking messages from the goddesses along with wisdom from the ancestors to inspire today’s modern spiritualist to journey towards their best self. Set includes 80 tarot cards with gilt edges and 108-page full-color illustrated guidebook.

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    80 cards measure 2.5” x 3.75”; box measures 4.375” x 7.5”
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    Andrea Furtick
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What Customers Are Saying About Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas

I am absolutely smitten with this deck! I am so thankful that this deck has been brought back into the world and that is has been treated in such a beautiful way. This set is melanated, magical and iridescent. The pearlescent coating makes the cards literally glow! With clear, honest, real world advice on ways to interpret the cards, the guidebook has easy to digest passages that blend the explanations of the artwork with the explanations of the card meanings seamlessly. The smaller size and pliable card stock make it easy to handle for someone like me with small hands. This deck is versatile and works for any type of reading. The imagery stays very close to the RWS so this will be a smooth read for any tarot enthusiast, and the artists interpretations really resonate, so I think beginners and advanced readers alike would enjoy working with this one. I, for one, could not be happier to have this stunning new tool in my hands and I can’t imagine my copy going back into its shimmery little box anytime soon.
—Robyn's Reflections, Deck collector & YouTuber

A very regal and luxurious deck, I was in awe upon opening the box. It comes beautifully packaged in a royal purple magnetic box with gold foil lettering and a matching purple ribbon inside to make it easier to pull out the guidebook and cards. The guidebook has semi-gloss pages and is in full color and shows pictures of all 80 cards in color. The deck has gold foil edges and contains a total of 80 cards, including two extra bonus cards and just the perfect size for petite hands since it's a little shorter in length than the traditional tarot card size. The back of the deck has a picture of the world map in gold foil and the illustrations on the cards are holographic, giving it a nice touch of reflection without being overly done so as not to create too much glare to distract from the illustrations themselves. The illustrations on the cards follow the Rider Waite Smith System and are very easy to read, making it an excellent beginner's deck, but the bold beautiful holographic colors would also attract any seasoned tarot reader as well. In my opinion everything about this deck was done in great taste and I am elated to add this deck to my tarot collection.
—Anne Ti, Deck collector & YouTuber
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