The Art of Divination

From the whimsical to the mystical, the common element that runs through all of U.S. Games Systems’ divination decks is compelling artwork. Tarot is a visual system of symbols that help us tap into our subconscious, so it’s not surprising so many artists are inspired to create their own original decks. U.S. Games takes immense pleasure in discovering new tarot artists and great pride in helping popular artists find new ways of expressing their creative visions and sharing them with others.

Let’s meet the artists who created our newest divination decks and find out what inspires them.

Crystal Visions Tarot

Jenn Galasso Cristal visions tarot

Jennifer Galasso is a fantasy artist and illustrator who draws inspiration from the and magical realms.  The artwork of her Crystal Visions Tarot is fantastical, with many of the images derived from the natural elements.  The name, Crystal Visions Tarot, was inspired by songstress Stevie Nicks’ album of the same name.  Jennifer attributes much of her initial interest in the spiritual realm to Stevie’s haunting voice, ethereal nature, and poetic lyrics.

I asked Jenn to describe her creative process and she shared the following:

“In my creative process, I'm inspired by concepts of spirituality, magic, otherworldliness and what lies beyond the veil of our existence. Ancient times, history, mythology as well as the belief systems, traditions and rituals of these times bring a sense of nostalgia somehow; painting with these subjects in mind has the ability to transport me to another time and place, even for just a few moments, and hopefully will help transport others as well.
The visuality of tarot is so important as it is the first step in forming associations with the cards and delving deeper into their meanings. The images, symbolism and colors all provide visual clues for those new to tarot, or someone seasoned who is working with a new deck. Strong visual cues in a reading will make it that much easier to interpret the cards and apply the spread's overall meaning to one's situation or question. “


Woodland Wisdom Oracle deck Woodland Wisdom Oracle Deck

Peter Pracownik is a well-known fantasy artist who lives in historic North Cornwall, which according to legend, is King Arthur's birthplace. Peter’s extensive knowledge of myths and legends informs much of his artwork. In addition to the Woodland Wisdom Oracle deck he also created the artwork for Lord of the Rings Tarot, Dragon Tarot, and Imperial Dragon Oracle.

Cat’s Eye Tarot

Debra Givin has a background quite different from most tarot artists. She has a been a practicing veterinarian for 28 years; 22 of them in an exclusively feline practice, so cats hold a special place in her heart. She was inspired to create Cat’s Eye Tarot because of “the many things cats can teach us about how to make the best of almost any situation.”

Joie de Vivre Tarot

Paulina Cass

Paulina Cassidy is a beloved tarot artist and a true Renaissance woman with unlimited energy and imagination! She is also a composer and the creator of the Paulina Tarot. She has been drawing since childhood and her fanciful designs are now collected worldwide.

I asked Paulina to share with New Leaf readers her thoughts on creativity and what inspires her.

When I allow creativity to simply be what it wants to be, it flows forth like a rushing river. By forcing creativity to be something other than an expression of the soul, it loses strength and drive... it's like putting up a dam. So, when I put myself in the headspace to paint, draw, or write, I escape rationality and allow intuition to open the doors to my inner-vision.

She added these insights.

Joie de Vivre Tarot

“Awareness, discipline, and practice will help you quiet your mind enough to connect you to your inner-vision. This will lead you to unearth new impressions, insights and images. There’s an innate part in all of us that ‘knows intuitively.’ This is the part that’s tuned in and always connected to the stream of creative energy. As you become more in touch with your creative intuition, you'll be more sensitive to ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ your inner-vision. This is a gradual process you can strengthen over time.”

I also asked Paulina what her greatest joy has been in launching this tarot deck and this is what she responded:

“The smiles it puts on people's faces. My goal, with Joie de Vivre Tarot is to help people get in touch with their true inner-joy, something we were all born with, yet which many lose along the way through life's challenges. Even when it seems like the inner-light has dimmed, it's always there, and can be rekindled. Our purpose in life is to learn to overcome challenges and still come out of it with the strength to connect to the happiness that we're meant to experience. Joie de Vivre represents the spirit of personal joy, and to never let anything or anyone crush your spirit.”