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El Camino Oracle
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El Camino Oracle guides us through an enlightening journey that honors ancestral wisdom and celebrates cultural heritage. The 44 cards, with titles in Spanish and English, feature pre-Columbian imagery and folk art presented in the vivid colors of traditional textiles. In the 112-page illustrated guidebook, Sabina shares stories for context and prompts for assimilating the cards’ concepts into our daily lives. While her family’s own immigrant experience is steeped in Caribbean and Hispanic roots, El Camino Oracle offers all of us the universal gift of self-discovery.

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    Box measures 4.375” x 4.625” x 1.25”; 44 cards measure 4” x 4.25”
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    Sabina Espinet

What Customers Are Saying About El Camino Oracle

My first card draw was Sueños, Dreams. Define your dreams, then pursue them with relentless passion. "A common dream for immigrants is for their children to be able to receive higher education. These aspirations begin as a sueño that is put into motion first with a plan, then through considerable sacrifice."

I'm loving Espinet's work. "Walking in an immigrant's shoes is a precarious balancing act of navigating two worlds. It means having each foot planted in a different place and not completely belonging in either one, but knowing that you are supported by the richness of your ancestry. In Spanish, camino refers to a path, road, journey, or the way." You will find rich Caribbean and Hispanic roots in this deck. The artwork reminds me of tapestries. Just an absolutely divine gem. Espinet is undoubtedly a star to be watching. Can't wait to see what exquisite deck she creates next.
—Benebell Wen, Tarot Author & Reviewer at benebellwen.com

The El Camino Oracle is an oracle deck based in the creators homelands in South America and the Caribbean, from the understanding of a mixed raced immigrant, and the journey that entails. Each card is steeped in this journey, with the BBIPOC cultures of these two vast areas giving us the images and understanding they have to offer in a 44 card oracle deck. The art in each card is full of texture replicating the rich textile traditions of the peoples within the deck.
I love this about the deck. I always feel like I can sense a texture by seeing it, my brain knows how it would feel in my fingers. This adds a wonderful layer to the experience of the cards.
Each card has the title in Spanish and English, which I found very helpful. The cards themselves cover the topics of a culturally full life.
I’m not an immigrant but I am internally displaced as many folks Indigenous to the US & Canada are. So while I can’t understand an immigrant perspective, I can understand the message of walking in two worlds and of displacement. The guidebook speaks to this, and the cards bring this internal and external journey (the El Camino) to life on my table.
—Indie Deck Review

Ahh I am in love with this deck!! It arrived at such a perfect time, where I myself am at a pivotal moment in my Journey. To start I adore everything Sabina Espinet does- her Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body and Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements are mainstays in my daily spiritual practice and her Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing is so affirming and uplifting!!
The box is so cool with the little notch in the sides of the lid that make it easy to open, and the full colour guidebook is such a delight. I also love the size of the square cards- I have super long fingers so I can usually handle giant oracle decks, but this one is nice and compact without being “too small.”
I love the bright, joyful colours (those cards backs!! Swoon), as well as the powerful balance of Light and Dark themes in El Camino. Some oracle decks are so saccharine sweet, and this one feels so Real.
The choices for cards themes and the associated art is so thoughtful; one of my absolute favourites is the Diversidad | Diversity card with its orchid. I used to work at a flower shop and it was amazing to learn how many different types of orchids there are!
The Cuentos | Stories card is also so impactful with the image of weaving; it really is our stories that bind our realities and strengthen our connections.
I found it interesting that there was a Padre | Father and Abuela | Grandmother card but no Mother; as I sat with the deck and got to know it, I realized Mother energy permeates the whole thing!!
Life’s Journey is all about the constant process of conception, gestation, birth and rebirth- nurturing Dreams and Grieving the passing of ages and stages, and having grace for the whole process.
I think my favourite card is the Nap card with its Mama and Baby sloths!! It’s so important above all to honour the rest that supports being able to embrace the progression of the journey.
How beautiful that the first pull is Pride- in these times of major change and transformation, remember to be so proud of yourself, how far you’ve come, and how very much you’ve achieved!!
I'm so happy to have it!!
—Blind Forest Tarot

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