Universal Folk Tarot
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Universal Folk Tarot
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Scottish artist Anita Inverarity created Universal Folk Tarot based on the Waite-Smith framework interwoven with narratives from world folklore and mythology. The deck and its universal stories are rooted in healing energy and deep compassionate understanding, yet also offers the opportunity to work with the shadow self. For each card, the characters are gifted with animal and crystal companions that bring their own particular medicine and vibration to support readers on their journeys. The 244-page illustrated guidebook explores the lush symbolism and meanings of the 78 painted-edge cards.

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    Box measures 4.75” x 6.5”; 78 cards measure 3.25” x 5”
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    Anita Inverarity
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What Customers Are Saying About Universal Folk Tarot

A beautiful deck that is very well presented in a hard case two-part box with matching ribbon for easy removal of the guidebook and deck inside.  The guidebook that comes with it is a nice, hefty book that is chock full of information, each card not only comes with an upright and reversed meanings, but also includes keywords and the corresponding stone/crystal and their meanings, the deck includes, angels, animals, crystals and has a healing theme for those looking to do some healing work with their deck.  The cards themselves are edged in black to match the card backs and feels like linen cardstock to me and is a dream to shuffle.  The minor arcana cards also include keywords which makes it an excellent deck for the beginner tarot enthusiast as well.
—Anne Ti, Deck collector & YouTuber

If you are a fan of Anita Inverarity’s beautifully intricate folk art style, then you will adore this deck. She offers us her signature colorful, magical drawings, rich with symbolic representation along with a thick guidebook that walks us through every piece of it. The guidebook contains folklore, symbology, crystals, elements, numerology, and divinatory meanings. Everything you could ever hope for to layer into a reading. Nothing has been missed, everything is packaged beautifully and with the new linen stock with the painted edges which have quickly become my new favorite offering from US Games Systems. These cards give us an aesthetic jolt in tandem with a soothing tactile experience. The keywords, or what really seem more like titles, on the minor arcana could be a bit confusing for a new reader, but the classical titles are also still on the cards so that should mitigate any confusion. I think this could be a fabulous set for any reader to have in their collection.  
—Robyn's Reflections, Deck collector & YouTuber

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