Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot
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Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot
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Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot grew out of Wayne Rodney’s culturally diverse worldview, his interest in Rosicrucian mysticism, and his belief in synchronicity and the common threads that unite us all. As a catalyst for introspection, this unique deck encourages readers to rely on their own intuition and personal associations when engaging with the titleless cards for an enriching tarot experience. Rodney presents the Minor Arcana before the Majors, allowing the initiate to encounter the elemental world of the lesser mysteries before advancing to the realm of the archetypes. Set includes 78 cards and 156-page full color illustrated guidebook.

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    Box measures 4.375’’ x 6.125’’; 78 cards measure 2.75” x 4.75”
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    Wayne Rodney

What Customers Are Saying About Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot

Wayne Rodney’s Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary tarot decks. If you want a case study for diverse representation in tarot art done well, look no further than Global Fusion. Rodney is a Jamaican American painter and illustrator who runs a martial arts studio. As an artist his work is heavily influenced by Rosicrucian mysticism, values of cultural diversity, and what I found throughout the Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot– Taoist metaphysics. In this deck, Rodney orders the Minors before the Majors. The Sticks correspond with Wands or Clubs, expressing the traits of creative will and intuition. Of the four temperaments, he connects it to the Sanguine. Gems, Pentacles or Diamonds, signify the Phlegmatic, of the sensory and the practical. Vessels, Cups or Hearts, correspond with Melancholy, with emotions and feeling. Blades, Swords or Spades, signify the Choleric temperament, of reason, logic, and thought. The full-color guidebook that comes with the deck is kind of incredible. It pares away all the standard fluff you find in these sorts of guidebooks and utilizes the space to cover the speculative origins of the tarot, occult philosophy, historical origins of playing cards, and the many ways we’ve reconstructed and then standardized the tarot as we know it today. What’s most delightful about this deck is the cultural fusion. I rarely get to see my culture so artfully represented in tarot. And Rodney integrates it seamlessly into classical tarot iconography. This deck is well worth your investment to acquire. Absolutely outstanding. It exemplifies the best of so many different worlds, bridging exoteric and esoteric, old world and new, accessible and obscure, spiritual yet practical, and checks so many boxes that the tarot community says they’re looking for. I love everything about Rodney’s work and cannot praise Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot enough. Definitely check it out!

Benebell Wen, Tarot author and reviewer at benebellwen.com

I am just filled with so much joy to see diverse images in a deck. I am overjoyed that deck creators of color are doing their things and they are being supported. So thank you U.S. Games for sending this deck, I cannot wait to use it!

 —Kenny (TarotSayWhat), tarot collector

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