Yoga & Spirituality

Yoga & Spirituality

  • Mudras for Body, Mind and Spirit
    Based on the mind/body relationship developed in traditional yoga practices
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    • $33.00
  • Messages From The Light Meditation Deck
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    Messages From The Light Meditation Deck
    This visionary deck delivers inspirational messages from the light that help illuminate ordinary things in life with fresh, new insights.
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    • $20.66
  • Buddhism Reading Cards
    The Buddhism Reading Cards are designed as an easy and simple introduction to the fundamental teachings of Buddhism in a fun and practical way. Each card represents one fundamental, core principal of Buddhism.
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    • $21.95
  • Portals of Presence: Faces Drawn from the Subtle Realms
    Enter a deeper relationship with yourself and the world through the universal language of the human face. The images in this deck were selected from 20 years of work created in the presence of ancient trees, mountains, and sacred places. Includes guidebook and guided meditation audio with original music.
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    • $26.95
  • Angel Meditation Cards
    Simple inspirations delivered by a host of angels.
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    • $17.95
  • Kids Yoga Adventure Deck
    This vibrant color-coded deck takes kids through three imaginary adventures at the beach, in the zoo, and through India, with 14 cards per adventure. Along the way, kids learn how to do 42 fun yoga poses.
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    • $19.95
  • Divine Directions
    This beautiful set of 40 inspirational cards can give you the simple, direct answers you need to guide you past any obstacles in life.
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    • $12.95
  • The Little Yogi© Happy Notes: 40 Impulse Cards With Instructions
    The Little Yogi© inspires both young and old alike. His loving and soulful messages go straight to the heart. The inspirational cards give us wonderful moments of happiness: they warm our heart and help us focus on the essentials and strengthen ourselves.
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    • $25.95
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