Pocket Rider-Waite® Tarot
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Pocket Rider-Waite® Tarot
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With full pictorial scenes on every card of the Major and Minor Arcana, Rider-Waite Tarot set the standard for hundreds of other tarot decks around the world. First created in 1909 by Pamela Colman Smith, under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite, the vibrant drawings of Rider-Waite Tarot hold timeless appeal. The deck’s enduring popularity stems from the universality of the symbolism captured in every card of the 78-card deck. Pocket Rider-Waite Tarot includes an instruction booklet with upright and reversed meanings, keywords, and an introduction by tarot expert, Stuart R. Kaplan. This is a deck that is beloved by tarot beginners and experienced readers alike. Rider-Waite Tarot belongs in every tarot collection.

Rider-Waite Tarot was named one of the Top Ten Tarot Decks of All Time by Aeclectic Tarot

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    Cards measure 2.25" x 3.5"
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    Pamela Colman Smith

What Customers Are Saying About Pocket Rider-Waite® Tarot

Great for those of us with hand issues. After buying a larger vividly-colored version of the Rider Waite deck, I found I couldn't easily shuffle or even handle the cards. I have arthritis in both hands and the card stock was just too sturdy. But this little set is perfect. The same size and flexibility as regular playing cards & very easy to shuffle. The smaller card size also means larger spreads take less room to lay out, a real help when space is limited.
—Hannah Flynn

Perfect! The cards feel like high quality playing cards and the handbook is very concise and helpful. Just perfect!
—Carla, Amazon customer

These cards are the same size as a regular deck of cards! These cards are the perfect size. Obviously the pile of cards is thicker cause there’s more cards & these are much thicker quality than regular cards! I was having such a hard time shuffling my first deck because they were so big but these cards solved all my problems. Beautiful, good quality, and I like how they shuffle. They are slippery and don’t stick together! The images look very “original, old time-y” but they are clear. All in all, great deck. If you have trouble with the big tarot cards, grab this set for sure.
—Amazon customer

Playing card size, not oversized. I purposely bought this deck because I was looking for something small, the same size as a deck of playing cards. Keep that in mind if you will be doing readings with other people at a big table. This is not the oversized version you see in movies or on tv, but it is a perfect size to travel with, throw in your pocket, etc.
—Michael Kelly

This deck was a Christmas gift for my son, who reads Tarot like nobody can. He wanted something he could carry in his shirt pocket, as he's always being asked to do a reading. This small deck has all the color and character of the bigger cards, but easier to work with. I have a deck myself, and with my small, arthritic hands, they're worth every penny!
—Emlar, Amazon customer

I like the classic look of the Rider-Waite Tarot cards, and have used them for a good long time now. I've used them so much that my last deck (the third I have ever owned) has finally self destructed on me after about 3 years of constant use and some bit of rather rough handling. My one complaint of the Rider-Waite deck has always been that they are just too large for an average person hands. So when I saw one of my friends deck of Pocket Rider-Waite Tarot, I knew I just had to have a deck of these. They are Bridge sized (3.5" x 2.25") which are about a quarter of an inch more narrow than Poker-sized cards. For many smaller hands, this makes a difference in the comfort of handling. They are small but retain all of the classic artwork of the Original Rider-Waite Tarot cards. Nothing is changed here other than the overall size of the cards.
—S.G. Paxman

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