The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery
The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery
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Volume II of the Jungian Tarot Trilogy

In Volume II, Dr. Wang explores the imagery of The Jungian Tarot from the standpoints of archetypal symbolism, history, and comparative religion. Paperback with black and white illustrations.

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    Robert Wang

What Customers Are Saying About The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery

Insightful discussions of Major Arcana cards. This book is volume 2 of Wang's trilogy on the Jungian Tarot, and I feel that this book is the best one of the 3. He starts off the book with a brief explanation of some of the theories of Jungian Psychology, and how they relate to the Tarot. He then goes on to discuss the cards of the Major Arcana, and how they relate to some of the psychological principles theorized by Carl Jung.  Wang sets forth a few different ideas as to the meanings and interpretations for each of the cards. He will also sometimes speak about certain psychological principles and theories. He does not give a definitive meaning for each of the cards, but encourages the reader to use his/her imagination, in understanding and interpreting each of the cards.  The reader is to meditate on each card. Wang "wets your whistle" (a term meaning to give a little, to arouse your interest to seek more), and invites you to dive into the cards, to ascertain their meanings, I only wish that he would have written a book like this relating to the cards of the Minor Arcana.
—Hayward H. S., Amazon customer

Love it. This book is written in clear simplistic form which causes no muss in comprehending the information.  It relates the information methodically.
—Mary, Amazon customer

Same as my review for Perfect Tarot Divination. All 3 books and a Jungian Deck work well together and help to understand the two methods of helping people to heal emotionally, Jungian Psychology and Tarot Divination.
—Shanti, Amazon customer

The Jungian Tarot and Its Archetypal Imagery is an excellent book to use when working with the Jungian Tarot Deck.  In fact, I would say that about all three books in the trilogy.
—Jeffrey H., Amazon customer

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