Tarot Psychology Book
Tarot Psychology Book
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Volume I of the Jungian Tarot Trilogy

This illustrated companion to The Jungian Tarot deck applies Jungian principles of “active imagination” to the tarot archetypes, providing a meditative and self-explorative approach to tarot.

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    Robert Wang

What Customers Are Saying About Tarot Psychology Book

Amazing read. I couldn't recommend this book enough, if you are looking to deepen your tarot journey, then this book is a must have!
—Ronnie V., Amazon customer

This book is Book 1 of a trilogy on the Jungian Tarot. You will really need to read all 3 books to get an understanding of the Jungian Tarot and the psychological aspects of Tarot. In addition, if you don't have any knowledge of Kabbalah and/or Astrology, you will probably need additional help to understand the Jungian Tarot, especially with regard to the pip cards. Getting to this book, on its own, I believe that it is a very good introduction to how Tarot can be studied, based on psychological principles. I had no real understanding of psychology, other than my Introduction to Psychology course in college, and no real knowledge of the the theories of Carl Jung, other than from other books on Tarot. However, this book gave me a great start to understanding some of Jung's theories, and how they relate to the study of Tarot. Each card of the Jungian Tarot Deck was covered, with a brief statement as to how each card relates to psychological theories. It was easier to relate the text to the illustrations on the Major Arcana and Court cards, than it was for the pip cards, because the pip cards are not illustrated like the others. In my opinion, it would have been a good idea for Wang to set forth some guide as to how to interpret the illustrations of the pip cards. However, I believe that Wang did this on purpose, so you would use your own imagination in interpreting the various cards. Wang sugggests that you spend a good amount of time in meditating on each card. Unfortunately, some of us cannot spend the time with each card, as he suggests.
—Hayward H. S., Amazon customer

Very attractive and helpful tool. This is a profound look at the Tarot and extremely useful to anyone who uses tarot as a personal tool or self growth.
—Michael F. H., Amazon customer

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