Wizard® Bidding Wheels
Wizard® Bidding Wheels
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This set of six sturdy plastic bid indicator wheels helps players keep track of Wizard Card Game players' bids.

Each player receives his/her own individual bid wheel. After the Wizard cards are dealt, each player indicates on the bidding wheel how many tricks he expects to win. The Bidding Wheels help players keep track of other players' bids.

Bidding Wheels can be used with all versions of Wizard® Card Games. 

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What Customers Are Saying About Wizard® Bidding Wheels

I thought these would make the game of wizard easier to play. After the first game I can say they are worth the price without any question. I have now bought three sets. One for my house, one for our card playing partners/neighbor and one to leave at the lake cabin. The quality is better than expected, I see no issues at all with the construction they should be around for many years to come.

— T. Lash, Amazon customer

Great accessory to the Wizard card game. Makes the game trickier, as instead of bidding in order (giving some the advantage of knowing how confident--or not--others are), you can turn over your bids at the same time. 

— M. Paskett, Amazon customer

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