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HeartSwitch Card Game
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Joe Andrews, the author of The Complete Win at Hearts has teamed up with Ken Fisher, the creator of the popular Wizard® Card Game, to produce HeartSwitch— a completely new card game inspired by “Hearts”. The addition of special cards and unique concepts creates challenging situations that require Innovative strategies.

The object of the game is to have the lowest score at the end of the game.

The 60-card includes 2 good Witches and 2 bad Witches- they can help you or destroy you.  Just when you are about to throw in the cards, the 4 Magicians come to your rescue!

HeartSwitch game includes 60 cards, custom scorepad, and rules.

If you like playing Hearts, you’ll love HEARTSWITCH!

For 3-6 players, ages 10 and up! 

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    Box Measures: 4.125” x 5.25” ; Cards measure: 2.25” x 3.5”
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    Jody Boginski Barbessi

What Customers Are Saying About HeartSwitch Card Game

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What customers are saying about HeartSwitch Card Game

We’ve all pretty much grown up with computers and we’ve played the games that come with the computer: Minesweeper, Solitaire and Hearts.  I played a lot of Hearts on the computer.  I learned a lot from playing Hearts as well, but the two main things I learned was that I suck at Hearts and I suck at card games in general. Well much too my chagrin, I absentmindedly requested to review a card game called HeartSwitch from U.S. Games Systems Inc.  We all probably know U.S. Games Systems since they are one of the largest producers of playing cards in the world.  The company, though, has over the past couple of years moved further and further into the hobby card game market and is actually doing well with such recent games as Hooyah: Navy Seals card game.

By now you’ve probably figured out from my opening paragraph that HeartSwitch is Hearts, but with a twist.   Just in case you’ve never played Hearts, the object of the game is to rid yourself of as many or all of the point cards in your hand by the end of the hand, or trick.  The point cards are the hearts, which are worth one point each, and the queen of spades, which is worth thirteen points.  The person with the lowest total points at the end of the game wins. HeartSwitch builds on this by adding in eight new cards that changes the dynamic of the game some.

The eight cards are the Wicked Spade Witch, the Kind Club Witch, the Evil Heart Witch , the Good Diamond Witch and four cards called the Magicians.  The Spade Witch counts as an additional 5 points.  The Club Witch cancels either or both of the Spade Witch and Spade Queen taken by a player.  The Heart Witch doubles the point value of each Heart taken, but has no point value itself.  The Diamond Witch can deduct up to 5 points taken in that current hand, but does nothing if no points are taken in that same hand.  As for the Magicians, it took a few hands for me to figure them out.  They’re basically “wild” cards.  You can play them anytime, but they have no point value, don’t belong to any suit and cannot win a hand unless all players play Magicians.  If that’s the case then the person who led with the first Magician wins that hand.

I did enjoy playing the game even though I still suck at it and since there is actually some strategy to playing Hearts, my strategy was not to come in last.  The new cards can even the playing field some if you are playing with people who do play Hearts on a regular basis.  Granted this didn’t help me one bit.  The game has nicely produced cards, as one might expect, and a book of score sheets which is a nice touch as well. HeartSwitch is a descent filler for a game night, but I don’t see hardcore gamers playing this on a regular basis just due to it’s “light-ish” feel and lack of theme.  This game does excel when played with non-gaming friends and/or relatives though.  My only real problem, actually it’s a pet peeve of mine, with the game is that it needs at least three players to play.  I’d really like to give this game two ratings;  one rating for playing with other gamers and one rating for playing with non-gamers.  So I’ll just take the average of the two.

—Barry Lewis, Gamer's Codex

I love to play card games with my hubby ... and he loves it too. We both have a bit of a competitive edge, which makes winning good fun for weeks ... as bragging rights do not soon dissipate. Excited to give this new game a spin, last weekend we did just that. The HeartSwitch Card Game was designed by Joe Andrews, the author of The Complete Win at Hearts and Ken Fisher, the creator of the popular Wizard® Card Game. The games was inspired by the classic game Hearts. A game of strategy, HeartSwitch Card Game, is a game that can bring out inner character and depth ... as well as being a lot of fun. The game is for 3-6 players, ages 10 and up which makes it a great family game, which is how we played it. This is a new favorite in the household. As my oldest put it, "Mom, this is super fun" and I must agree.

—An Angel's Kiss Blogspot

We get together with another family every weekend for a family game night. Getting bored of the same old games, and same style games, but being lovers of hearts, wizard, spades, etc, this game was a refreshing switch. It is easy to understand (especially if you already know how to play hearts and wizard), very fun to play, and the twists make it challenging as well. Highly recommended. 

—Dean Roth, Amazon customer
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