The Game of Authors Compendium
The Game of Authors Compendium
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More Than 300 Different Editions of Authors Card Games From 1861 to the Present PLUS A Selection of Writings From 40 Authors

This massive compendium reproduces in full color the graphics that appear on over 300 American editions of Authors Card Game dating from 1861 to the present. The collection by U.S. Games Systems also presents selected poems and popular phrases from forty 18th and 19th century authors.

The Authors Compendium book is divided into five sections, starting with the Dr. Busby card games dating from 1843. The next section presents four different editions of the 1861 Authors Card Game. A selection of published writings from 19th century authors are included for the readers’ enjoyment. The main section of the book reproduces the cards fronts and backs, portraits of the authors, and the charming box covers. The book also includes Authors Card Games from foreign language publishers, and other card games that employ the Authors method of game play. 

This historical book is for everyone interested in card games in general, and especially about the Authors Card Game. It is an invaluable reference work for researchers and libraries. Collectors will enjoy the opportunity to see so many Authors Card Games from a private collection never seen before in one location.

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    Stuart R. Kaplan and William G. Miller

What Customers Are Saying About The Game of Authors Compendium

Fantastic Authors historical reference book! Wow, this book exceeded my expectations. If you have ever played the card game, Authors, this is a fascinating resource. What I found particularly interesting is you can see over time which authors fell into or out of popularity over the past 150 years. There are so many obscure writers I’ve never heard of that I will look into now. There are also snippets of their work.
As for the book itself, it is high quality and gorgeous. The front cover has embossed gold lettering and the interior pages are a thick soft matte paper. It makes a great coffee table book or gift. Highly recommend!

Amazon customer

Fabulous addition to my collection. I collect the games and was thrilled to find this book. I even bought a second one and sent to a friend who is also a collector.
Great coverage and illustration with some wonderful information. Bravo!

Amazon customer

Above and beyond the pictures, this book includes a wealth of information, including brief biographies of the more obscure authors from various editions, many with excerpts from their works, and a number of complete poems, as well. I’m also impressed to see just how much attention was given to female authors. On the whole, this book is a delightful and quick read which is a must for anyone interested in The Game of Authors, in the history of games, or in the literature of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Components from dozens of copies – including everything from plain text printings to beautiful illustrations – will make the book a visual treat for others as well.

Joe Huber, OpinionatedGamers.com

Love this book! It is so well done! I’m a big fan of the Authors game and used to play it growing up. Now I’ve just taught my 10 year old to play and we looked through this book together.

Monica K.

This would make such a great gift for an English major. Or for an English teacher. Or for someone majoring in library science. Or for your favorite librarian. If you don't have a favorite librarian, you should.

Roberta W.

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