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Albano-WaiteŽ Tarot Deck

Albano-WaiteŽ Tarot Deck
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Pamela Colman Smith's artwork was pumped up with vibrant colors by Frankie Albano. The deck was originally published in 1968 and went out of print just a few years later. There was sufficient demand for this deck so U.S. Games Systems re-issued a facsimile deck from the original in 1991 and it has remained a staple for tarot collectors since. The colors are bright with lots of purples and greens, which help readers focus on details they might have otherwise missed. The background of the Minor Arcana are color-coded. The Cups feature light blue-green, the Wands are orange, the Pentacles lime green, and the Swords yellow. This is a vivid deck that appeals to those nostalgic for the psychedelic sixties or who appreciate the "wow" factor.

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Weight 0.50 lbs
ISBN 978-0-88079-466-4
Size 2-3/4" x 4-3/4"
Artist Frankie Albano


    The Albano Waite deck almost screams "late 1960's acid trip." I have thought of the deck as the Rider Waite Smith on acid. This deck is probably not for everyone. It is definitely a product of the late 1960's. I like this deck because of the crazy colors and because I like anything from the 1960s and 1970s. To me the Albano Waite Tarot deck is very unique, has a fun feel to it, and is an improvement on the regular Rider Waite Tarot deck.

    -- Erin Parnell, on Aeclectic Tarot

    The Albano-Waite Tarot is based on the line drawings of the Rider-Waite, but the colors are rich and vibrant. There are no tints and shadings, just bright expanses of color in many cases. The background colors on the Minor Arcana cards are particularly striking. They include such unusual choices as purple, orange and yellow. Where the Universal Waite is soft and muted, the Albano-Waite is bold and exciting.

    -- LearnTarot.com