When Women Had Wings Tarot Deck
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When Women Had Wings Tarot Deck
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You may not be able to see or touch them. You may have lost your memory of them. But, you do indeed have wings. They may be fluttering just under the surface of your skin, or folded deep in the realm of your psyche. But, they are as real as your breath and just as necessary. Your soul is winged and can fly daily. Your spirit is designed to soar. This tarot deck is aimed at bringing you fully into that expansive experience. Use the 78-card deck, guidebook and portal of poetry to reclaim your wings. Unfold. Unfurl. It’s your turn to take to the sky. Includes 78 purple gilt-edged cards, an organza drawstring pouch, and a vividly illustrated 198-page guidebook.

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    Box measures 4.25” x 6.25”; 78 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Angi Sullins
  • Artist
    Jena DellaGrottaglia

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