Totem Guardians Oracle Deck
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Totem Guardians Oracle Deck
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Tanya Bond created the Totem Guardians Oracle Deck as a tool for her own personal healing work, exploring lessons that others can easily integrate into their spiritual journeys. For the visual inspiration she turned to the world of fauna familiars, presenting both natural and supernatural creatures. Some are magical and mythical, a few turn up as shapeshifters, all appear in harmony with their human companions. Each card delivers an empowering message that resonates with the archetypal energy of the animal it represents. Working with these 42 cards and 60-page booklet, you will find much encouragement and guidance.

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    Box measures 3.75” x 5.75”; 42 cards measure 3.25” x 5.25”
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    Tanya Bond

What Customers Are Saying About Totem Guardians Oracle Deck

This deck is full of beautifully glowing oil paintings of youthful figures and animals that feel heartfelt and refreshing.  The guidebook offers helpful insights to consider and questions to ask yourself to deepen why the archetype or energy of the card could be showing up in your life right now. Since the title was Totem Guardians, it felt like there was an opportunity missed to provide a sentence or two containing more specific information about the totems presented, which cultures they stem from or perhaps the stories behind the artist’s inspiration.  Overall, I felt this could be an excellent deck for daily energy pulls or to pull before journaling, for an adult. Although the artwork is youthful, the concepts are not, so I personally would not suggest this deck for a child or young teenager without supervision. I have discovered that it reads very well in tandem with Elle Qui Oracle and The Witching Hour Oracle, as they have similar energies and therefore support each other well, and am looking forward to using them together in readings going forward.  
—Robyn's Reflections, Deck collector & YouTuber

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