The Yeager Tarot Of Meditation

The Yeager Tarot Of Meditation
The Yeager Tarot Of Meditation
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The Yeager Tarot of Meditation deck invites self-discovery. It is a deck ripe with the seeds of pure consciousness.

Painstaking research by the artist has insured that all the symbology is pertinent and meaningful to readers of the tarot. Ancient symbols, long-lost in previous generations of tarot, are restored, making the deck rich in tarot tradition. Tarot expert Stuart R. Kaplan described the deck as “a dynamic blend of art and symbology."

The Yeager Tarot deck is intended to serve as sources of meditation. In essence, it is a selection of deeply personal, “visual mantras." Meditators using the tarot will find it yields fruitful starting points. A single card may become a treasured focal point that inspires consistently enriching meditations. Other meditators may review the entire deck in each session. Symbolism previously overlooked may, in the perspective of a day’s events, take on added meaning.

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