The Light Code Apothecary
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The Light Code Apothecary
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A Practical Tool for Maintaining Your Light, Even in the Dark

The Light Code Apothecary is a beacon of practical support and loving inspiration for these transformational times. Whether you’re a seeker navigating the complexities of human experience or a star seed activating your earthly aspect, this accessible oracle is your guide to ascension – the harmonious merging of your higher self with your physical aspect.

Visionary artist Izzy Ivy has embedded the cards with light codes that transmit multidimensional energy directly to your deeper self, transcending the limitations of the rational mind and integrating this cosmic wisdom into your earthly existence. Divided into five elemental sections, the card messages offer practical tools including energy clearings (Water), embodiment exercises (Earth), shadow integration (Fire) and breathing techniques (Air) as well as fundamental spiritual wisdom (Aether) to help you connect to your heart-center and navigate the undulating waves of life with grace.

As we collectively transition to a new paradigm, this deck stands as your powerful ally, assisting you to maintain your light, even in the darkest corners. Venture into the Golden Age with this oracle as your guide, illuminating your path home to the essence of your being. Includes 70 cards and 336-page full-color guidebook.

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    Box measures 5.51” x 7.24”; 70 cards measure 3.34” x 5”
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    Izzy Ivy

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