The Gill Tarot Deck
The Gill Tarot Deck
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The Gill Tarot, with stunning full pictorial art by Elizabeth Josephine Gill, enables readers to access and examine reflections of the subconscious through vivid symbolism. 

The deck is based on the kabbalistic Tree of Life, which is pictured on the card backs. The numbered Minor Arcana cards correspond to the ten spheres of the Tree of Life and the colors correspond to the suits.  The deck follows the structure of the Thoth tarot system, and features keywords on the cards. Much of the imagery in the deck is drawn from passages in classical religious literature. The  48-page booklet explains the symbolism and the divinatory meanings of each card.

A more comprehensive guidebook of The Gill Tarot is now available as e-book with full color images on Amazon and iTunes!

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    78 cards measure: 3.125” x 4.25”
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    Elizabeth Josephine Gill

What Customers Are Saying About The Gill Tarot Deck

I have owned this deck for many, many years. After purchasing and trying out numerous other decks, I seem to always return to this one. A tarot deck must speak to the reader, and this one speaks to my heart and always has something fascinating and new to tell me. The drawings are rich and multilayered, crossing boundaries of ethnicity and gender, but such authenticity seems to have been channeled through the author almost subconsciously, as it appears natural rather than intentional and forced. The colors in this deck are extensive and well utilized, ranging from pastels to primary colors. The cards are sturdy and a pleasing, practical size. Although based on the Tree of Life, they are easily adapted to any style of use as well as a wide range of spreads. I recommend this deck highly, and hope it will become a treasured companion on your life path, as it has been for me.

—J. Stepaniak, Amazon customer

This deck by Elizabeth Josephine Gill was first published by U.S. Games Systems in 1990. It’s a colorful and appealing deck, which takes as its theme the kabbalistic Tree of Life. The meanings of the cards are derived from the Tree of Life and numerology; the backs of the cards portray the Tree of Life; and included in the deck is a card diagramming a Tree of Life spread. However, the author also encourages using intuition to interpret the cards, which means one does not have to engage in a study of kabbala to use this deck. I would recommend this deck to anyone simply for the beauty and originality of the artwork. 

—Lee Bursten,

I have owned this Deck and used it for years. This is the most beautiful and awesome deck I have ever used or seen. Everyone I have done a reading for with this deck is so impressed by its beauty. If you want a deck that has beautiful artwork, is nontraditional and is easy to read, this is THE DECK for you!!! Enjoy the gifts of Tarot that the Gill Deck can bring to you!

—Margie, Amazon customer

An adorable, colorful deck with lively imagery, this deck immediately makes the Thoth tarot system less daunting, and perhaps a bit more grounded. The keywords on the cards are sometimes more or less nuanced than Crowley's deck, but still a wonderful tool for beginners or those trying to learn a new tarot system. The biggest mistake one can make with the Gill is forgetting that it's a Thoth deck, and trying to read it like a Rider Waite, and also letting one’s self get pigeonholed into taking the keyword literally instead of using it and the artwork as a springboard for your intuition. I've only been working with the deck for a short while, but my experience so far has been very "don't judge a book by it's cover." 

—Holly Lemieux

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