Worm Moon: March Full Moon

One can only hope that when March comes in like a lion that it goes out like a lamb. This simple lore from generations past signifies that March is a month of

changes. This is a time when light and dark begin to balance themselves out. Those of us in the northern hemisphere are looking for (and some are finding), warmer days, yet might find sparkling evidence that Jack Frost still has visited sometime during the night.


The Full Worm Moon of March is referred to by many different names (depending on culture). As the earth begins to thaw from winter snow and ice, earthworm casts begin to appear and the robins return. The northern tribes called this Moon the Full Crow Moon, when the caw of the crow marked the end of winter. Others called this Moon the Full Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusty from thawing under the sunlight during the day and then freezing again at night. This Moon is also known as the Full Sap Moon, which is the time to tap maple trees. Some other names that refer to the Full Moon of March are Lenton Moon, Maple Sugar Moon, Sugar Moon, Windy Moon, Storm Moon, Moon of Winds, Plow Moon, Chaste Moon and Death Moon.


This is an excellent time to set goals, plan rituals, determine what is ready to come out of hibernation, and discover what is ready to come to the surface. The Full Worm Moon is about new beginnings, finding balance and breaking illusions. This is also a good time to start working the soil for your vegetable garden and plant seeds (both physical and spiritual) for what you would like to grow this summer.


The colors associated with the Full Worm Moon are: pale green, red/violet, green, yellow and light purple. The corresponding stones are aquamarine and bloodstone. The related scents are honeysuckle and apple blossom. Animal totems for this time are the cougar, hedgehog, boar, sea crow and sea eagle. Flowers are the jonquil, daffodil and violet. The associated element is Water and nature spirits are the Air and Water beings who are often related to spring rains and storms.


The energy of the Full Moon can also be very effective in the process of “letting go.” This can be something physical or something at the spiritual or psychological level. This is a good time to sort through the closet, cleaning off the flat surfaces of your home. Donate your gently used, but no longer needed items to charity or to someone else who may be able to use them. If you have something emotional to release, it can helpful to write the situation out. Once you are satisfied with having it all on paper, ask your angels, guides, God (s) or the universe to take this from you. Then destroy the paper. Use a method that works well for you. Tear it up, shred it, bury it, burn it or even just hit the delete key.

Here are some other special things that you can do during the Full Worm Moon:

  • Plan a ritual to assist you with achieving your goals and wishes
  • Decorate an altar dedicated to the Moon, maiden and faerie folk
  • Prepare the earth for planting
  • Bless your garden under the light of the Full Moon, asking for a bountiful growing season
  • Prepare yourself for change
  • Use healing energy; think of sap flowing through your body carrying healing energy and good health
  • Carry or wear aquamarine and/or bloodstone
  • Put your focus into the energy you want to grow
  • Journal about hopes and dreams. 

The Full Worm Moon is also a helpful time to give yourself a Tarot Reading. Choose your favorite deck, grab a cuppa, and shuffle away.


Here is a special spread designed for this unpredictable time:

Full Worm Moon Spread

(This spread is designed to be laid out linear, representing a worm)

  Card 2   Card 4  
Card 1   Card 3   Card 5
  • Card 1 What is coming to an end? (What you need to let go of) 
  • Card 2 What needs to change? (Existing, but can work better with some adjustment)
  • Card 3 What is balanced? (This won’t require much energy right now to stay on track)
  • Card 4 What needs to be prepared (This is what is coming/conscious but not active yet)
  • Card 5 What is hibernating? (This is what has not yet reached the surface/unconscious) 

Sources: FarmersAlmanac.com Pagan About.com

©Terri Clement, February 2012

Images from Crystal Visions Tarot  ©U.S. Games Systems Inc


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