Two Spreads For The New Year

Babynewyear It's the New Year already. What are your Tarot traditions? Do you do any specific spreads? In all parts of the world there are a variety of ways we humans celebrate another new year. Of course 2011 also kicks off the second decade of the 21st Century. What an exciting time to be alive.

Here are two spreads to add to your reading arsenal.

This spread is based on some of the many New Year's traditions around the world. Share your own traditions in the comments.

New Year's Traditions Spread

  • Pr Card 1: What needs to be thrown out? In Puerto Rico, pails of water are thrown out at midnight. It's believed that this cleanses the home of evil spirits.
  • Card 2: What will bring you luck this year? In Bolivia- families make beautiful little wood or straw dolls to hang outside their homes to bring good luck.
  • Card 3: What needs cleansing? The Celebration of the Buddhist New Year is an occasion of great joy. Homage is paid to the various statues of the Buddha, which are ceremonially bathed.
  • Card 4: What will bring you wealth this year? The Chinese New Year "Yuan Tan" takes place between January 21 and February 20. The celebrations are based on bringing luck, health, happiness, and wealth till the next year. The year of the Rabbit starts on February 3,2011.
  • Card 5: How can you get more out of your relationships with your neighbors and community? On New Year's Day children from England and Great Britain rise early to make the rounds to their neighbors singing songs. They are given money and treats for singing.
  • Card 6: What event from 2010 should be forgotten? In South America – Ano Viejo the New Year festival is celebrated by creating a fake person or dummy. The scarecrow represents something that has happened during the last year. At midnight each family lights the dummy on fire.The old year is forgotten and the New Year begins.
  • Black-eyed-peas Card 7: How can you increase your prosperity this year? In the southern United States, it is tradition to eat black-eyed peas and ham. Some include cabbage or greens. The pig is a lucky animal because it means money. The black-eyed peas are coins and the cabbage represents green money. Rice is also another lucky food.
  • Card 8: What can you do to strengthen existing romance or attract romance? At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve people will kiss in many parts of the world.

If you want a shorter spread, you can use this one based on the tradition of setting resolutions for the new year.

New Year's Resolution Spread

  1. What should I resolve to do more of?
  2. Who or what will help me with this resolution?
  3. What should I resolve to do less of? 
  4. Who or what will help me with this resolution?
  5. What lesson should I focus on this year?

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2 thoughts on “Two Spreads For The New Year

  1. Lynn Merritt

    On New Year’s Day I always do an astrological spread (representing the 12 houses of the Western wheel) with the intention of “seeing” what my trends for the year may be!
    12 cards are placed in a circle. If looking at a clock, at 8pm is card 1 This is all about self
    Card 2 is all about personal finances
    Card 3 communications, short term travel, neibors, siblings
    Card 4 home & hearth, home of origin, mother
    Card 5 romance, fun, children
    Card 6 work and service to others
    Card 7 marriage, partnerships, biz and personal, legal things
    Card 8 joint finances, taxes, life after death, reincarnation,
    Card 9 higher education, foreign travel, philosophy
    Card 10 standing in the community, occupation, father
    Card 11 friendships and group associations
    Card 12 karma, spiritual growth, finding purpose
    You may also used this 12 card spread to take a look at how each month of the year will be going for you as in 1-12 Jan to Dec.
    Have fun and Happy New Year to all my tarot friends here!!!


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