Two #Tarot Card Spreads

Two card spreads are fun to do because they are fast, but do they give you enough information? I think that they do if you consider that you can eliminate the situation card and just ask two questions about it.

Here are just a few ways to do that.

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go" This lyrical two question spread can be applied to many situation including a relationship, a job or even a housing situation.

"Hold On or Let Go" will answer whether or not you need to try harder or just step back from a situation.

"Fold 'Em or Hold 'Em" is a poker version of whether you should commit to something or bow out.

"Step Up or Step Back" would be whether or not to volunteer your time and energy.

So let's try one, shall we? Your client wants to know if they should volunteer to be a chaperone for their child's field trip to the museum. You draw the Tower for the Step Up card and the 2 of Coins for the Step Back card.


What is your advice to your client based on these two cards from the African Tarot?

What are some other two card spreads you can think of?

The vibrant imagery draws largely on the African experience, depicted in a primitive art style. Evoking universal childhood emotions, African Tarot can help you explore your true inner nature. Review by Lizzie of Lizzie's Logic

2 thoughts on “Two #Tarot Card Spreads

  1. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

    Step up or Step Back?
    Drawing these cards for myself or another, the short answer would be to say, step back.
    Sit this one out. Don’t volunteer, not this time.
    Expanding on this a little, Why not?
    Because I/you/the client haven’t the time or energy to spare right now, to do the job as well as you would wish to do it, and with the care and vigilance this responsibility requires.
    If you want there to be no mishaps, and there is a presenting risk of one – just for instance, someone may take a bit of a tumble running about in the excitement unless they’re closely supervised, (Tower) don’t overstretch yourself. You are probably already overstretched, and you are managing your load with determination, but with little time, money or energy to spare right now (Two of Pentacles/Coins) If you recognise the truth in this, receive this as a timely word of caution. Don’t spin your wheels.
    If you don’t immediately recognise the relevance to you of this observation, consider recent events, and how smoothly or not things have run, at work, at home, or both.
    Is is a credit to you to wish to help, but you can always offer another time. But of course, this information is yours to use entirely as you wish.

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