Answer For Tarot Impossible Wednesday

Whimsical-fool The answer to "Tarot Impossible: What Movie is This" is "Despicable Me". Congratulations to Lynn Merrit for her correct guess. Here is a brief synopsis of the plot and how those cards were chosen.

The movie begins with the Devil who would be the main character,Gru (Devil). He goes to the Bank of Evil but is denied (King of Coins Rx).

He decides to fake adopt three little girls (Three of Cups) who show him how to do foolish things and have fun (The Fool).

His mother (Empress Rx) shows up in flash backs and he realizes that he is being deceived by someone (Moon).

He has to fight off the other evil villain (Knight of Swords Rx). He learns from children how to live happily ever-after (6 of Cups).

Try this as a Tarot exercise. Pick a book or movie that you know very well — Wizard of Oz for instance. Now assign cards (no more than eight) to tell the story as you know it. If you have a Tarot study group, you might try this as a discussion.

I'm interested in what you come up with so please share.

Whimsical Tarot Fool

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7 thoughts on “Answer For Tarot Impossible Wednesday

  1. Lynn Merritt

    ok ok.. I’ll give ya this for a future Tarot Impossible!
    Agent Reader, you’ve done very well so far with the Tarot Impossible game. Agent Tarot has come to us again with another query.
    She did a reading for a character who gave this clue, “It’s 2011 now, but in 2010 I did an impossible mission. What will my life be like now I am a free agent?” She did the reading but forgot to ask what the movie was. She wanted to see it if she could.
    Here are the cards for this reading.
    The movie begins with the 7 of Cups and the Tower.
    Then the 5 of Pents Rx enter and World comes up.
    Justice Rx figures in as well as the 2 of Cups.
    We end with the 6 of Wands and the 10 of Cups for our happily ever after.
    What movie is this?

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