Tea Leaf Fortune Cards – Months

In Rae Hepburn's Tea Leaf Oracle, one of the three groups are the twelve months. This is to help you determine timing for some of the layouts. You can lay out the months and then the cards to see what will occur in a given month.


Do you use any specific sequence to determine the timing of your readings? What do you think of this oracle's use of timing in this way?

If you love the artwork, you can read an interview with Shawna Alexander here.

Remember that everyone who comments on this Tea Leaf Oracle series (which started on Monday of this week) will be put in a drawing. One winner will get a Tea Leaf Oracle reading done by Stella.

7 thoughts on “Tea Leaf Fortune Cards – Months

  1. Maryann K Jordan

    I read for my family and neighbors and utilize astrological correspondences for tarot. I love this Tea Leaf Oracle! I just placed an order yesterday! About the art- lovely delicate feeling like leaves of tea.

  2. Cora Zane

    These look wonderful! The preview art is gorgeous. I’ve been searching for a deck that can provide a simple time frame to some difficult to answer questions. I’ll be on the lookout for this deck.

  3. Rae Hepburn

    I am thrilled by all your marvelous comments about Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Shawna Alexander, who did the artwork, wants to thank you as well.

  4. 3Jane

    I like the idea of having specific cards for timing, which can be an important element in a reading. However, weather depicted on the images above is very location-specific. Not everyone gets snow in January. Is there a separate deck version for people on the Southern Hemisphere? 🙂

  5. Aphrodisiastes Le Fay

    Mine timing is:
    * Wands: Autumn
    * Cups: Spring
    * Swords: Winter
    * Disks: Summer
    * Wands: Days
    * Swords: Weeks
    * Cups: Months
    * Disks: Years
    I just love the way Rae Hepburn determines the timing in Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Seasons are natural and powerful tool to determine the timing. We can mix the connection between tea leaf and nature´s timing. Just fabulous. 🙂

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