Tea Leaf Fortune Cards – Astral Houses

Rae Hepburn's Tea Leaf Fortune cards have three distinct groups. Today we will take a look at the Astral houses.

There are six general astral houses. For the pyramid reading, you would choose one of these six cards to be the focus. In Rae's video demonstration, you can look at the cards to choose yours or you can draw them without looking. The artist is Shawna Alexander who has captured beautiful details for the Tea Leaf cards and images that are evocative for the astral houses. The six houses are:  Love, Career,  Marriage, Happiness, Success, and Wealth.  The back of each of the three groups is differentiated by color and the Astral and Seasons have that as the label on theirs.


To everyone who comments on this week's Tea Leaf Oracle series (including yesterday's), Stella will draw a winner and do a reading for them with the Tea Leaf Oracle here on this blog. Which of the six Astral houses would you pick if you won this reading?

8 thoughts on “Tea Leaf Fortune Cards – Astral Houses

  1. cinimon

    what an interesting approach, Im diggin this concept .
    It certainly isnt a new idea but a fresh approach.
    thanks US GAMES you do find new ways to entertain .

  2. Angie P

    I have had these tarot cards on my wishlist for a few weeks so it was really nice to see an actual reading with them. What a creative deck!

  3. Arwen

    I’m intrigued by the choices for the houses. I wonder why there isn’t a family one. Do you think it would fall under Marriage or Love?

  4. Rae Hepburn

    Hi Arwen:
    Close family would fall under the Astral House for Marriage. Many people have very extended families today due to marriage and divorce of parents, siblings etc. that an Astral House for Family would cover an enormous number of people and it may be difficult to know which person the cards are relating to.
    However, it is easy to make your own Astral House Pyramid. Choose a face card that resembles the family member you wish to know about (e.g. Older Woman for mother, Younger Man for son, etc.) and place it at the top of the Astral House Pyramid. Concentrate your thoughts and energy on this person and then lay out the cards for the Astral House Pyramid.
    This method can also be used for very specific questions. Pick the card that most identifies with what you want to know about and place it at the top of the Astral House Pyramid.

  5. 3Jane

    There isn’t a house here for what is on my mind recently but Happiness would probably fit best. Come to think of it, Happiness is actually the most universal house and could often substitute others. After all, you wouldn’t ask about your career if you were happy about it, right?

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