Tea Leaf Fortune Cards: Focus On The Cards part 2 of 3

In Rae Hepburn's Tea Leaf Oracle, there are a total of  cards with 182 of those being the symbols that you might see if you sat down with your own cup of tea leaves. Rae went through the exhaustive process of culling over 500 images down to 182 to make this deck manageable.

Yesterday we showed off the bowl and the wheel as well as the back of these cards. Here are three more.

How do you compare these cards and their meanings with Tarot cards? What card in the Tarot would you associate with the Ladder? What about the Needle and Thread or Butterfly?

Visit with Lizzie as she reviews this intriguing deck.

Remember that all comments on this week's Tea Lead Fortune series will be in the running for a reading by Stella T'arot using this deck.  Don't miss the previous posts that include the Astral cards, the Month cards and a video showing Rae Hepburn herself reading with this unique deck.

4 thoughts on “Tea Leaf Fortune Cards: Focus On The Cards part 2 of 3

  1. Aphrodisiastes Le Fay

    Butterfly (Wheel of Fortune); Needle & Thread (The Star- wishing upon a star… or 9 of cups); Ladder (The World or 3 of pentacles).

  2. Psychic Jimmy

    Very interesting comparing tea leaf patterns to Tarot cards, or basing a new set on them.
    As a phone psychic in Melbourne , I often use the cards to help with readings.

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