Tea Leaf Fortune Cards’ creator Rae Hepburn

U.S. Games Systems, Inc author, Rae Hepburn is interviewed and shown doing her pyramid reading with her Tea Leaf Fortune cards.

Excerpted from Clay McGlaughlin's article printed in The Times-Standard.

In a traditional tea leaf reading, the subject prepares and drinks a cup of loose-leaf tea while reflecting on their questions or problems. Through this process their energy is thought to influence the swirling leaves, and when the liquid is gone the tasseographer interprets images left in the dregs of the cup to search for clues about the future. While the act of brewing, preparing and drinking tea can be pleasant in and of itself, Eureka-based author and tasseographer Rae Hepburn has developed a quicker, easier method for those who lack the time, patience or facilities for a proper brew-up.

Born in the north of England, Hepburn is the creator of “Tea Leaf Fortune Cards,” an illustrated set of circular cards representing nearly 200 symbols that combine elements from the 600-plus symbols that tasseographers regularly use. Hepburn combined symbols with similar meanings to bring the number to a reasonable figure for a portable set.

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Have you ever tried tasseomancy? This cards make readily available to all.

To everyone who comments on this week's Tea Leaf Oracle series , Stella will draw a winner and do a reading for them with the Tea Leaf Oracle here on this blog. Have you ever had your tea leaves read?

9 thoughts on “Tea Leaf Fortune Cards’ creator Rae Hepburn

  1. Arwen

    I really enjoyed this. It was nice to see the Pyramid reading in action. I’ve got the deck and have worked a bit with it.

  2. Kim

    Love the imagery on these cards and watching Ms Hepburn do the Pyramid reading was fascinating. I’m wondering if after doing one of these readings you will then start to see the symbolism in the cards in your daily life as messages or synchronicity? Thank you!

  3. Rae Hepburn

    Absolutely, Kim. Many users of the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, myself included, pick a single card every day as a guide for the day. I’m glad everyone is enjoying them.

    1. Rae Hepburn

      Hi Bart, the Tea Leaf Fortune Card set has been reissued and is available for immediate shipment.

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