Tarot Blog Hop: The Comfort Queen

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for August 2014. USGames is delighted to be the lead blogger this time. Our wrangler for this round is Joanna Ash of SunGoddess Tarot. She’s given us this theme:

“How Do You Channel Your Inner Queen Of Pentacles?”

Our answer is, “Creativity.”

We take a lot of pride in our artists and authors here at US Games. We also must give a nod to all those others who help bring a deck to life. From our art department who help design the decks to those who write the blurbs for our marketing, creativity is one of the most important pieces of our day-to-day life.

Without the creative juices flowing on both sides, we wouldn’t have the amazing products that we do. So here’s to the talented Queen of Pentacles in us all.

Here are a few of our lovely Queen of Pentacles from some of our decks. We can’t share them all. With as many decks as we have, you’d never be able to hop to the next blog. And we do want you to have time to enjoy all twenty-one blog posts. Remember if you find a link that isn’t working, go to the master list.


Art of Life Tarot


Chinese Tarot


Crystal Visions






Radiant Rider Waite Smith


Tarot of the Old Path





Which is your favorite? One commenter will win their choice of one of these Tarot decks (as long as we have it in stock!) to help you celebrate the creativity of the Tarot.


61 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: The Comfort Queen

    1. Majie

      The Artiste – Chrysalis, besides being a beautiful artistic rendering itself, the Queen is modeling what nurturing is all about – she is casually (yet elegantly) dressed, relaxed, surrounded by things she loves, immersed in nature and creating her own beauty for her own self enjoyment. Lovely!

  1. Ana Deveco

    This was tough as I literally hopped between the Art of Life & Halloween Queen od Pentacles. In the end, the one to “get” my attention was the Halloween tarot Queen of Pentacles. I love her smile, the pumpkin, her happy kitty, the still bunny and the smiling moon, shinning upon her garden of goodness. Here’s to a great weekend & month ahead. -Ana

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  3. Anna

    Since I already have Hanson Roberts (my first ever back in 1992 or so) and Halloween, I’m really torn between Crystal Visions, Fenestra and Chrysalis. But if I really have to choose I think I would say Chrysalis.

  4. Rebecca Higby

    I like Halloween because the Queen resembles myself – and she’s outside with animals, which is how/where I usually am, and I love the moon, which is in the card also.

  5. Kimmy Rorick

    I would have to pick Fenestra! Out of all of them I feel the most drawn to that one. So beautiful!

  6. Kalin

    I adore the Queen of Pentacles from the Old Path Tarot! She is elegant, full of detailed symbolism and creative potential that bursts to be expressed!

  7. Don Barks

    They are all pretty cool. I like the Queen of Pumkins, but I guess my favorite would be the Hanson-Roberts (which I don’t know how I have managed to never purchase).

  8. Phillip Martin

    While all of these cards show the Queen of Pentacles, I feel that the Chrysalis Tarot captures it best for me. The others show the character, but the Chrysalis tarot is the only one that shows her acting as who she is, letting her creativity flow through her to create something new.

    As a Queen she has the Water element, but as a creature of the Earth, these two elements combine to show how energy can slowly flow to show creation and growth, much as the process of painting a picture.

  9. Arianna

    From a pure art perspective, I love the Queen from Tarot of the Old Path best, though as a deck I adore Chrysalis. I’m really drawn to the lush beauty of the Old Path Queen; the image really expresses creativity, growth, and harvest.

  10. Donna

    Definitely the Art of Life. Something just really speaks to me about her in this depiction.

  11. Joy Vernon

    Well, considering that I used the Tarot of the Old Path QoP as well as The Artiste from the Chrysalis Tarot in my blog post, I’d have to say those two are my favorites from what you have here! I also like the Crystal Visions, though… Hard to pick!

  12. Donna

    I like the Chrysalis one as it represents creativity very well. You get lost in the painting and can journey into another realm.

  13. Stefan Dollak

    There’s something about the Hanson-Roberts queen that reminds me of my late teens/early twenties. I had that deck back then, along with some others that have slipped away from me over time.

    But now that I’m [kinda-sorta] all grown up, and have two young daughters, the Halloween tarot queen seems fun and exciting!

    It’s a tough call: one reminds me of happy, carefree days, and the other speaks to me in this moment. Furthermore, I don’t play favorites, either.

  14. Cassie

    The Art of Life deck! It has been on my wish list for sooo long. It combines two of my passions – art history and Tarot! And my card of the day today is the Queen of Pentacles, so this blog post is great. 🙂 I channel my queen by remaining grounded and protecting my home and family.

  15. Ozzlem

    Radiant Rider Waite by far. The RWS symbolism is, for some reason, the only one that speaks to me. I guess that’s also good for my wallet 🙂

  16. Teri Saveliff

    I love the relaxed but focused intensity of the Queen of Stones in the Chrysalis Tarot!

  17. Kareena Narwani

    It was really difficult choosing. I personally love the Chrysalis tarot Artisan as she looks so content even though there’s no sign of any coin near her. She’s an artist and exemplifies the creative woman within all of us. Looking at the mirror, she can look within herself and recognize her true self. She has a vision and can see what she wants to create evdn before it starts. A true Queen of Pentacles is matured, confident in her own skin, earthy and grounded. She means business and her creative work is her identity.

  18. Deborah

    I love them all, but for some reason, Crystal Visions jumped out at me today. Maybe because I just returned from the Crystal mines in Arkansas. The crystals on this card had to call me! ☺

  19. Giuliana

    Fenestra Tarot! I love their faces. There is something very wise and intense in all the eyes of the darling faces of Fenstra. And I channel my Queen of Pentacles in the Kitchen. Lots of love into food and care in nourishment. Good luck to everyone!! <3

  20. Christiana Gaudet

    I love that you connected the Queen of Pentacles to creativity. I see that, too, although so many would argue that creativity is the domain of the Queen of Wands exclusively.
    I also loved seeing so many of your wonderful Queens of Pentacles. US Games is the gold standard in so many ways!

  21. Olivia Destrades

    Hard choice!! But the Halloween definitely wins out. Just look at that knowing look in her eye..plus, pumpkins are the best!! She’s in her element at night, ready for the bounty of holiday. I love it!

  22. Bernadette King

    What else is the creative process but a channeling session with the divine? w/hat glorious lives we can manifest when co-creating with the Universe! Each of the Great Mothers depicted here is beautiful in her own fashion. They, all, show up in readings to remind us that we are the ultimate creators – that true abundance is our birthright and we are on the path to crafting the actualization of our dreams.

    That said, the Radiant Rider-Waite Queen of Pentacles is my fav. She’s a timeless classic…much like that little black dress who waits patiently in the closet until it’s time to go on another daring adventure!

    Good luck everyone!

  23. Judith Stirt

    The Queen of pentacles is the embodiment of abundance, generosity, fertility & financial acumen. The Radiant Rider -Waite Smith seems to imply all of these things. This Queen is shown to be surrounded by nature, & is more connected to the landscape than in any of the other decks. I also like the Art Of Life tarot, but that is mainly because the quotation is so apt.

  24. Jean Redman

    I love “The Artiste”, the Queen of Pentacles as the Queen of Stones in the Chrysalis Tarot deck. First this is a modern version of the card and aptly named. We often think of “wands” as being creative, but this is not always the case. She is a woman of femininity, creativity of home and hearth, motherhood, of lush flowers and abundance of life all around her. She is of nature and the earth. In the symbols within the card shows that she is the creator, the painter of the earth, of nature and the beauty within all nature and of us. The butterfly bring the joy and dance of that natural earth element. The message, you are the creator of the material world paint your life you have the mastery to do so.

  25. MJ Foley

    I was debating between Tarot of the Old Path and Chrysalis but must go with Chrysalis. Both cards are beautiful but I love the take on the Queen of Pentacles / Stones which equates abundance and riches to an inner contentment and love of nature and art. This card teaches us that you can be rich without having a huge bank account.

  26. Torsten L

    My choice would be the Radiant Rider Waite Smith as well.
    Its a lovely colorful recreated deck, very nice made and continues another old tradition in recoloring the cards which can be traced back in former editions from University books and Albano Waite tarot.
    One of the few that really breaths Rider Waite Smith even its a bit modified from the original. Receives all my stars *****

  27. Roni Lynne

    I am drawn to the Chrysalis Tarot. It is a beautifully rendered depiction of the Queen in her element <3!

  28. Joanna Ash

    Ooooohhhh…the Queen from the Chinese Tarot looks beautiful…the Chinese would classify her as wife of the Emperor God, the celestial mother…nice.

  29. Stacey Crawshaw

    So hard to choose from so many beautiful decks! I love the Art of Life Tarot! I grew up taking art history in high school and university. I had a fine art board game when I was little and I’m also a Classical Studies graduate so art speaks to me 🙂 I’m always channeling the Queen of Pentacles! Just relax and start to day dream, the creativity will flow.

  30. Kris Lopez

    I think the Hanson-Roberts Queen of Pentacles shows all the elements that the Pentacle entails. It’s beautiful drawn as well.

  31. sylvi shayl

    I very much like the Art of Life queen – so serene and contemplative, and so at ease in her wealth, the brocades and crown worn with grace and ease. A unique interpretation of a powerful woman.

  32. Andy Phillips

    I really like the Hanson-Roberts Queen. I have an easier time really connecting with art that reminds me of my childhood/earlier times, and the Hanson-Roberts does that in a way similar to the Morgan-Greer. I feel like the way she is depicted herein really shows the inner spirit that I associate with this card.

  33. Chani@tarotmore

    Introspection. Reflection, Security, Peace of Mind- The Queens tell it all. Different Queens for different things:
    Halloween for the kid in us;
    The Old Path for the fondness of yesteryear;
    Crystal Visions for Power and Nature;
    And Hanson-Roberts for a friendly, familiar face;
    While these particular Queens captured my fancy, each and every Pentacle Lady,
    Speaks of a particular truth;
    It was the truth I saw this morning.
    Birds be flying fabric interwoven story,
    Their story, that story, the story of the Queens,
    Within us. 🙂

  34. Laura Commeree

    I am really torn! Crystal Visions, Art of Life and Halloween… well all of them actually!
    Do I have to choose just one?
    Out of these, I’ll say the Art of Life, but I really want them all!

  35. Luna

    I am drawn to the Art of Life Queen. She appears so wealthy both extrinsically but also intrinsically. I channel her by reminding myself that nothing in this world belongs to me. I am only holding it until it finds it’s next resting place.

  36. Kelly

    I love the idea of the Queen of Pentacles as the Artiste in the Chrysalis deck but my favorite of the beautiful queens you’ve chosen for this blog post is the one from Art of Life. I love the idea of combining a masterpiece with a quote!

  37. Melissa Hammitt

    My favorite of these is the Queen from Crystal Visions Tarot. I’ve been working with it a lot lately and have fallen in love with this deck!

  38. Tami

    I have a soft spot for the Queen of Pentacles in the Fenestra as this a deck that I treasure and have used for many readings. I also really like the The Artiste, it is so pretty. I don’t have the Tarot of the Old Path now I am eager to check that one out as I find myself going back to that Queen of Pentacles, she just grabs me for some reason.

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