The 2012 Tarot Tool Kit

By Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

MayanVery few people are completely unaware of the prophecies concerning the date of the ending of the Mayan long count calendar these days. But the knowledge of the information contained in these prophecies is vague – even the ‘experts’ on the Mayan prophecies can’t seem to agree and there are rumours flying about that the end of the world might be nigh.

So is the world going to end? Nah. I blogged about this not long ago on my own website in the article Will The World End In 2012? – Asking The Tarot. The tarot cards are in complete accord with scientific data: The world will not end in 2012. However, great changes are afoot.

Today, I thought we would take a look at how to embrace the unknown and clear the way for these changes on a basic, elemental level, using our own bodies, a deck of tarot cards and a notebook.

We are in a Hierophant year in 2012. 2+0+1+2=5, The Hierophant. The Hierophant, corresponding astrologically to Taurean energies, is all about grounding spirituality into reality. Any energy that remains ‘free-floating’ will contribute to general increased anxiety levels in one of two ways: Some people will go into denial about the environmental problems we should be dealing with globally and hope that everything will sort itself out as if by magic on the 21st of December. Others will slide into depression and take a defeatist stance.

So what is the grounded spiritual approach that would be most helpful in the year ahead? The Tarot can help us embrace the necessary changes and welcome the new energy that is emerging in 2012. Personally, I believe we have already set this emergence into process with our own thoughts and desire for change. Yes, the 21st of December will still be an important date but change has already begun. Our task this year is to simply allow it – in awareness.

The Aces are symbols of new, emerging Elemental energy. We will use them to look at how we can clear our channels to embrace change and let go of what is holding us back on an individual level. Then we will use our own bodies to invoke the spirit of the Hierophant.


Begin by separating the Aces and The Hierophant out from the rest of the cards. Place the Ace of Swords in the East, the Ace of Wands in the South, the Ace of Cups in West and the Ace of Pentacles in the North. You will use the Aces to outline a circle wide enough for you and the Hierophant card to fit inside, at the centre.

Cats_PentaclesAceTurning to the East, invoke the Element of Air and ask for guidance on how to clear any blocks to new forms of problem solving and communication. Pull a card and cross the Ace of Air with it. This card is the key to welcoming what is emerging in the East.


Turn to the South and invoke the Element of Fire and ask for guidance on how to clear blocks to creativity, vitality and visionary ability. Randomly pull another card and cross the Ace of Wands with it to gain insight into the challenge of releasing blocks to what is now emerging in the South.

Proceed to the West, invoking the Element of Water. Ask to receive insights about possible blocks to relating and communion. Pull a card from anywhere in the deck and place it across the Ace of Wands. In this card lies the solution to meeting any challenges to right relating.

MG Ace of Rods_0002_NEW

Finally, turn to the North. Invoke the Element of Earth and ask for guidance about blocks to creating ways to move in harmony with Nature. This card is the key to grounding your spiritual energy into reality. Think of one thing that it reminds you of. It needs to be something you can carry with you throughout the year, so find a miniature version of it if it’s something big and bulky.

Next, think of an action you can take to create the necessary changes and grounding the energy. Write it down. Set yourself a long-term goal and also short-term goals.

Mystic Sea Hierophant_NEW

Return to the centre of the circle. Invoke the Hierophant while gazing on the Hierophant card. Feel your limbs get more solid as his presence fills you. Pull a final card for guidance on how to release any fear you may have. Look at this card through the eyes of the Hierophant who loves order, tradition and stability. He is here to show you how you can retain a sense of calm, stability and harmony through the global transition that is now taking place.

Now feel the card energy. Where in your body does it land? Is there any tension in the spot where the card energy sits? Are you getting any visual or auditory impressions? Gently breathe any tension away on the outbreath. Sit in complete stillness for a while. Feel how solid and grounded you are. Feel how much you belong on the earth plane.

Complete the meditation by writing your impressions down. Counter clockwise, starting in the North, release and give thanks to the Elements for their guidance. Finally, release the Hierophant and give thanks.


Step into the wonderful and magical time-space matrix that is planet earth in 2012 with confidence!

Cards (in order) Sun and Moon Hierophant, Cat's Eye Ace of Pentacles, Joie de Vivre Ace of Cups,Thoth Ace of Swords, Morgan Greer Ace of Rods,Navigators of the Mystic Sea Hierophant, Crystal Visions Unknown

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