It’s a #Tarot Mystery Again!

Our operative, Agent Reader, had a strange client today. She came in asking about a man she was interested in.

This client is the heroine of a well-known book, but once again, Agent Reader can't remember the title.

Seems her mother is the Queen of Coins Rx and is pushing her daughter towards marrying a man who seems to be a bit of a Knight of Coins. Our querent has two sisters who are also running about town flirting and causing problems. They are the Three of Cups.

We do have several other knights as well. There is a Knight of Cups Rx who makes a foolish choice as well as a very flighty Knight of Swords.

The story ends well even though one of our Three of Cups nearly has a 8 of Wands Rx situation. The Knight of Coins saves the day for her. Then he must convince her sister that he is the 9 of Cups she's been dreaming of even though they've had a 5 of Wands relationship throughout the story.

What book could this be?

Leave a comment with your answer. We will draw a winner from all the comments (correct and incorrect) for a special Tarot spreadsheet.

5 thoughts on “It’s a #Tarot Mystery Again!

  1. Deborah Outland

    Pride and Predujice is my guess too! Although I’d say only SOME of her sisters are the 3 of cups! LOL! Sorry for the quibble–I guess I’ve read that one too often, huh?

  2. Stella

    The answer is Pride and Prejudice! Good job. The randomly drawn winner of the spread sheet is Deborah Outland! We will email you for your address. Congratulations.

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