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WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Laura Fletcher. Please check your email for how to claim your deck.

So Arwen is our blog wrangler this Tarot Blog Hop. She’s asked us to think about gifting. Here’s her challenge:

Yule, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Winter. Whatever you call this time of year, it is a season of gift giving, gift receiving and sharing with family and friends for a majority of the world. Whether Papa Noel brings you a candy cane or the Winter Witch brings you switches, it’s a time of anticipation. The anticipation of what I might be getting and what I am giving are equal joys for me. To that end, here is a spread for each of us to do.

We decided to use one of our newest Tarot decks to do this spread. We hope you enjoy our offering in the Yule Tarot Blog Hop. Since we love to gift, all comments will be entered into a drawing to win the Japaridze Tarot. In your comment tell us your favorite card from the Tarot. Or your favorite-right-now. Contest is now closed. Thank you.

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The Joy Of Gifting

1. What gift would we give the world if we could?Japaridze_3Wands

The Three of Fire shows a hot air balloon full inflated and already up in the air. This is our passion of course. We want to bring our customers the very best in Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle and games. We search the world for amazing artists who can bring their vision to your world.

Our gift to you would be to take you along on our journey as we scour the planet. Wouldn’t that be fun if we could do it in a hot air balloon.

2. What gift would you want from the world?Japaridze_18Moon The Moon would be what we want because we want to know how you feel about our work. We love hearing from you so that gift of your emotional response is perfect.

The Moon as an eyeball looking up works for us because we need your eyes and hands on these deck. What good are we without the gift of you?




3. What gift have we gotten that has brought us joy?

Eight of GardensJaparidze_8CoinsGardens shows an inventor hard at work. And this does reflect the gift that has brought us so much joy. Our artists and authors who give us such amazing projects to work on. Our own joy in helping to guide and shape the decks that we bring to you.

The Eight of Gardens (Coins) is a card that emphasizes the hands-on part of creation. We can truly say that the gift of being involved in the world of games and decks is a true joy for us here at U.S. Games.



Japaridze_5Hierophant4. What gift have we given that has brought us joy?

Now the Hierophant is certainly an interesting answer, isn’t it? The bastion of standards and responsibility does make sense. He is the one who holds the keys to knowledge.

With all of the decks we get to work on, we do see a wealth of knowledge in our world. It’s a marvelous thing to see what decks you love the most and what decks are coming to you. We can tease you by saying if you loved 2014, you’ll go crazy for 2015.

Japaridze_17Star4. What is one last thing we would like to share about this season?

The Star couldn’t have been better if we’d chosen it intentionally. Just another example of the Tarot working! We see you as the stars in our world.

We know that this may all sound sappy but we really do appreciate you for the support over the years. We truly can’t do this without you.

So on behalf of all our artists, authors, staff and family, thank you. Happy holidays to all of you.

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your personal favorite card from the Tarot. You could win this deck.

Contest ends 12/26. Winner announced 12/29 on this blog.



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30 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop:The Joy Of Giving

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  2. Tina Brooks

    Gorgeous deck! It reminds me of the Navigators deck, which I adore, so I hope I win it.

    My personal favourite card from the tarot is the Revelations Deck’s Page of Wands.

    It’s the card my spirit guide, Melody used to describe herself when she first presented herself to me.

  3. Machelle Earley

    Love this deck!!! I guess my favorite card right now is the Sun card from Tarot of Delphi. It just shows so much contentment and when in happy I’m content.

  4. Karen Sealey

    I like that Moon card, it’s an interesting image.
    Personal favourite… it may change each time you ask, but today the card that comes to mind is XIV Integration from Osho Zen.

  5. Candyce Kohlman

    I always love The Moon card It’s the first card I look for when I look at a new deck a close second would be The Empress

  6. Robert Wyatt

    In most decks my favorite card is the Star. Not only does it carry a message of hope and a bright outlook on life, but is usually the most beautiful card in the deck. As a lifelong optimist, the appearance of the Star always seems to comfort me and helps reassure my faith that all will be well eventually.

  7. Joy Vernon

    Favorite card ever? Seems like someone asked me this recently on a survey. I think I said Three of Wands, partly because it’s one of my significators (second decan of Aries) and partly because I’ve always had a strong resonance with the symbolism (I see the three wands in many versions of this card as forming an open door). I love your interpretation of the Three of Fire above! I also completely love my Japaridze deck and am finding it lovely and responsive to work with. Thanks for bringing it into being!

  8. Fiona

    Great readings and lovely card! I often say the Tower is my favourite, although challenging it’s a chance for a new fresh start like no other, quite a wild and exciting time! However, I do love to feel at peace and that all is well in the world so today, it would be The Star. Love that it was the final outcome 🙂

  9. Kate.

    Aesthetically, I’d have to say that The Star in the Aquarian Tarot is one I find to be most beautiful, but my favorite card at present is Bindweed (The Devil) from The Gaian Tarot. As a newer reader, seeing this interpretation really clarified the energy of the card for me and makes it less “scary”. It’s also helped my sons to understand the concept, as they begin their fascination with Tarot.

  10. Heidi

    I love the 6 of Fire from this very deck. The passion displayed by the violinist practically jumps off the card!

  11. Tauni Love

    In all of tarot, my most favorite card is the Ace of Cups. In particular decks, it’s usually the Sun card when it conveys pure joy, such as in the Sacred Rose Tarot or the Tarot of the Moon Garden. But most of the time, the deck in my head is the Rider-Waite, especially the giant version; it’s my über-deck. 🙂

  12. Andy Goss

    The card that keeps coming into my mind is the Five of Cups from the Rider pack. It reflects so much of my life and how I have lived it. Also, long ago when I first became aware of the card, I realised that I had written about both the landscape and the situation that it portrays.
    I wonder how the Japaridze Tarot handles this one? It looks like an uncommonly evocative deck.

  13. Alison Cross

    What a great deck and what great cards you pulled to illustrate the spread! I loved your interpretations of them – good luck with your draw for the deck!! <3

    Ali (your blog hop next door neighbour!)

  14. Teresa

    I am not familar witht he Japardize Tarot, but of the cards posted above from that deck, the Star is my favorit card. One of my favorite decks in the Vision Quest, and I like almost every card in the deck although I am still learning about this deck. It is just a gorgeous deck. There is no picking a favorite card in this deck, they are all nice. My favorite card in the Tarot of the Vampyres is the Sun card, because it is one of the most interesting interpretations of that card that I have seen. I love the world card in the Wheel of Tarot deck. My favorite really depends on the deck (the art) and my mood, what is going on with me and what is resonating.

  15. Dennis Ng

    My favorite card is The Fool from the good old classic Rider Waite Smith deck. Not only is it so iconic, but it is a card filled with all the potentiality within the deck.

  16. Abigail Beal

    What a beautiful deck! Happy Holidays! The High Priestess is my favorite card, but it can be hard to choose just one card.

  17. Olivia

    This is a beautiful deck! The Hierophant makes perfect sense! You bridge the public with artists and creators, and you provide tools for people to connect to their own sacred wisdom. Too bad there’s no “amazing card stock” card, I’m sure that would have popped up somewhere in your spread 😉

  18. Chloe

    Well, I’m way too late for the giveaway, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post. Nice way to turn things about, and the Japaridze works beautifully in your hands. I especially liked the idea of touring the world looking for artists and decks, though I know it’s mostly done by email these days. Still, a hot air balloon ride is an amazing thing! 🙂

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