TarotBlogHop: Union of Opposites

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop. We are so glad to once again be a part of this fun effort.

Our TarotBlogHop mistress is Aisling. She gave us the topic of “union of opposites” asking us to share how two disparate cards might be similar. She gave us two choices but that’s the one we chose.

RWS_Devil001The Devil and Temperance are our choice for this discussion. The Devil is often seen as a card that show power over others. The two figures on the chains that are bound to the Devil’s on waist–who are they? How do they relate to the Devil? How can this card be seen as a union of opposites with Temperance.

RWS_TemperanceConsider that Temperance pours one energy into another changing it mid stream. Or do those two disparate energies actually emerge from Temperance’s hands to combine in the middle? Could that be the Yin of the Female and the Yang of the Male perhaps? Could Temperance’s hands be the transformed chains and Temperance herself the embodiment of balanced power?

Here is a simple spread for you to try with this in mind.

  1. What chains me?
  2. Who claims me?
  3. How do I break free?

Think of card 2 as the Devil or Temperance. That card may show you whether you need to face down your own Devil or embrace your already moderate lifestyle.

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11 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop: Union of Opposites

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  2. Jay Cassels

    It’s bizarre as I had originally thought of those two cards as well when I was making the first attempt at my own entry. So glad I ended up going off on a tangent.

    I like the spread very much and I may well be putting it to use soon 🙂 Thanks x

  3. Joy Vernon

    A lot of insight in your comparison of these two cards, which are also two of the four angels in the tarot. Very interesting. I like the spread too!

  4. Aisling the Bard

    Very much liking this interpretation, because it is one of my main theories about Tarot interpretation, that every card IS itself and its opposite–and I don’t mean reversal. I mean intricacy. Well done!

    1. Joy Vernon

      Oh, interesting. A lot of times I describe a card as representing a continuum and that it can encompass either end of the spectrum–I hadn’t necessarily thought of each card being its own opposite, but very similar!

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  6. siobhan

    This is a fascinating comparison! And now that I see it laid out it seems even apter: both with wings (angels as Joy said) light vs dark, hands on the cups, indirectly binding the man and woman, doing and watching. Cool spread! I’m trying it! Will post to IG!

  7. Boglarka Kiss

    Ah, I would have never thought of this in this way, but this is hilarious! Taking place right in front of our nose – maybe this is why we do not usually notice it, but you are genial with this idea! 🙂

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