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TarotBlogHop: Solstice 2014


Chrysalis Tarot Magician

Chrysalis Tarot

Wish, Witchlings by Paulina Cassidy

Witchlings by Paulina Cassidy

Welcome to the 2014 Solstice Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler for this hop is Olivia from First Earth Tarot. She’s challenged us with this question/theme:

For this blog hop, the theme is: joy. What are you joyful about? What brings light to your heart? How do you spread joy to others?

We like to think that we spread joy is many ways–from new Tarot decks to gorgeous oracle decks to lovely Lenormand decks. But did you know we also have games? Check out our 1864 poker deck or the immensely popular, not to mention award-winning, Wizard(r) card game.

Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Some recent offerings that are bringing joy to us are these Lenormand decks:

Then there are these Tarot decks.

And we can’t forget the Oracle decks:

Earth Power Oracle

Earth Power Oracle

Meditation,Witchlings by Paulina Cassidy


In our very joyful Joie de Vivre Tarot, we shared a spread we called Spreading The Joy. You can find it in the Little White Book for that deck. Did you know that you can find the LWB for many of our decks online? Just go to our home page, search for your deck, then look for the PDF link on that deck’s page.

So tell us which of these decks mentioned here bring you the most joy. We’d love to hear from you. And we have so many new products that we may have inadvertently forgotten one! So our apologies if we did. If you let us know, we will include it on this joyful roundup.


12 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop: Solstice 2014

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  2. Olivia Destrades

    I am overjoyed to be able to report that my 14-year-old daughter was gifted with the Witchlings deck, and she absolutely adores it. She has quite a few other Tarot and oracle decks…but this one just “clicked” with her, as she reported to me. Wonderful deck for her, and a wonderful book as well!

    1. USGS Staff Post author

      So glad to hear this! Maybe she would like to write a review from her perspective? We’d love to share that here.

  3. alisoncross

    STOOOOOOOP Showing me decks that I HAVE TO HAVE!!!!! ROFL! Seriously, some absolutely spiffing decks in your list and while I do have a few of them, that’s another couple added to my Gotta Have list!

    Ali x

  4. Chloe

    I’m with Ali and Joanne, that’s some evil joy you’re pushing 😀 I can live without the two Marseille tarots, but for the rest? Eeny, meeny, minie, mo!

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