Old English Tarot

TarotBlogHop: Mabon 2016


Our wranglers for this Blog Hop are Jay and Arwen. They have asked us to discuss the Foodies Guide To The Tarot. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic book? Since we don’t have that book, we thought we would discuss how the Tarot and food can go hand in hand. Among the many ideas we had, we landed on this one.

Old English Tarot

Old English Tarot

What would the Fool serve if he were giving a party? Dessert first, of course. There is even a dish named in his honor. Well, okay, it’s called a Fool.

Research tells us that it is an English dish made of stewed fruit and custard. It seems the appropriate thing now would be to offer up a spread…err recipe.

We don’t have any recipes of our own so we will offer a link to the BBC Food website’s Gooseberry Fool. But we did want you to also have a spread to eat…err read.

Gooseberry Fool Spread

  1. The Fruit: What is sweet right now?
  2. The Custard: What needs to be prepared?
  3. The Dish: What holds your energy right now?

We hope that this simple spread, like this simple recipe, offers you some insight into your life. Feel free to let us know your results! And if you make the recipe, we are happy to come help you eat it.



10 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop: Mabon 2016

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  2. Joy Vernon

    I think I’m missing the link to the Gooseberry Fool. I’ve never heard of that, but sounds quite interesting. I guess I’m a Fool at heart because I love taking a chance at new things!

  3. Boglarka Kiss

    That will be a perfect little spread for the Shadow Work Challenge some of us are just doing in Hungary – I will try this ‘recipe’ today. 🙂 Thank you for posting it!

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