Tarot Impossible: What Movie Is This?

Hello again, Agent Reader. Agent Tarot is asking for help again. She was approached by a fictional young man who wanted a reading done. She chose to do a spread that lays out two cards for each stage of life plus a final outcome card. The young man was amazed. According to him, the cards matched his life perfectly.

During the consultation, he mentioned that a movie had been made in the last ten years about his life. Even though he told Agent Tarot that the movie had been an unexpectedly huge hit, she forgot to ask him the title. So now she's turning to us for help.

Based on the reading, can you name that movie?

Early Childhood was the 5 of Pentacles and the 7 of Swords


Teen years was the 8 of Wands and the Lovers Rx


Early Adulthood was the Wheel of Fortune and the 10 of Swords

Final outcome was The World


Who is our fictional hero and what is the name of his movie?

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13 thoughts on “Tarot Impossible: What Movie Is This?

  1. 3Jane

    I immediately thought about Jamal and Slumdog Millionaire as well, but it could be something else – I’m not really familiar with all the latest movies 🙂

  2. Stella

    It was Slumdog Millionaire! Great guessing, everyone!
    So if you have an idea or a thought for a Tarot Mystery, message me on Facebook (Stella T’arot). If you aren’t on Facebook, you can email me at stella AT usgamesinc DOT com.

  3. Lynn

    Slumdog is very much like a Dickens tale similiar of a poor orphan making his own way in the world, trying ot find a home and love. A universal journey.

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