Tarot Comparisons: Ace of Wands

Let’s take a look at the Ace of Wands. Traditionally this card is read as the start of a creative project when upright and a lack of creative passion when reversed.

The way we interpret a card can change based on the art of the card itself. Compare the following Ace of Wands:


Rider Waite Tarot


Deviant Moon




Cat’s Eye

How does the message of inspiration and creation get changed or enhanced in the four cards.

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6 thoughts on “Tarot Comparisons: Ace of Wands

  1. Olivia Destrades

    This is a great example of how important imagery can be in a deck! The RWS artwork is clear, but doesn’t “speak” to me. Thoth conveys the feeling of pure energy and creativity in an intense way, and the Deviant Moon does a beautiful job of showing the possibility that exists within creation….new life, fertility of ideas, a butterfly poised for flight. The Cat’s Eye I think sums up the “go for it” feel of this Ace.

  2. sylvi shayl

    I am a RWS user and I see this as such a positive card. I love the magickal origins of the wand – the hand appearing from out of nowhere, the peaceful landscape, the wand itself, a branch from a living tree, replete with leaves. The Deviant Moon has echoes of this – new life, from green and fertile sources. There is love and compassion as well as calm radiating from mother and child. It is only the fire on the wand itself that hints at wilder passions. The Thoth card by comparison is alive with aggressive energy. This wand is writhing with fire and giving off sparks, or perhaps lightning – it speaks of a wild new start with a spirit that is difficult to contain. The Cat’s Eye card also hints at the fiery energy of this Ace – being set in the desert. This interpretation suggests that the seeker may be testing their luck or that they should use both caution and speed when doing so. This Ace has fangs and potentially deadly consequences – something that is not portrayed in any other Ace displayed here. All Aces are about new beginnings and good fortune, somewhat like Fairie money it should be used quickly because it will not last forever.

  3. Jill Scott

    I had this card “follow” me for several weeks before I discovered I was pregnant. The Deviant Moon card now seems quite appropriate. To me this card has always meant “it’s a perfect time to start something new”. But what do you do when it shows up in the past position? Then it needs to be read as the point at which something significant was begun. A ripple, a cause and effect. The Cats Eye captures the karmic aspect of the Ace of Wands. The Thoth captures the karmic nature as well, in that the flames are intertwined. The RWS version lets us know that this ideal moment whether in the past, present or future was a gift somehow. There is always something to be gained from the Ace of Wands. Thanks for the excellent choice of cards to compare.

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