Tarot Comparisons: Ace of Coins

Let’s take a look at the Ace of Wands. Traditionally this card is read as the start of a business project when upright and a poor time to start a business or change jobs when reversed.

The way we interpret a card can change based on the art of the card itself. Compare the following Ace of Coins:

Morgan Greer Ace of Pentacles

Morgan Greer

Joie de Vivre Ace of Coins


Karma Ace of Coins

Karma Tarot

Haindl Ace Stones in the West


How does the message of business and money beginnings get changed or enhanced in the four cards.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. What are your experiences with the Ace of Coins in your own readings? Thanks.

Decks Used:
1. Morgan Greer Tarot
2. Joie de Vivre Tarot
3. Karma Tarot
4. Haindl Tarot

One thought on “Tarot Comparisons: Ace of Coins

  1. Peej

    The Morgan Greer seems to be the most traditional of the ones pictured here.

    Paulina Cassidy’s rendering makes starting a new business adventure look fun – there will be some juggling, but this card gives it a light and breezy kind of aura.

    The Karma Tarot portrays the business as being close to the querent’s heart – so not only is it business, it’s passion as well.

    Haindl’s card, however, is the most daunting. It shows that while it may be a good time for a business, the HUGE stone is unmovable. Challenge is definitely ahead!

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