Tarot Blog Hop: Mabon and Creativity


Our blog hop leader is Aisling. She asked the group this question. “What does Mabon/the Autumnal Equinox/the Second Harvest mean to YOU?” Her challenge was to choose the card that means this harvest to us then create one.

Since we are in the business of publishing decks, we will let some of our creative deck makers speak for us in the form of cards.

We thought about harvest and what that meant. The card we chose to represent our thoughts about the second harvest is the Seven of Pentacles. The theme of this card is often about pausing in the middle of work. It’s a card about regrouping and regathering your energies. Since there are traditionally three harvests, we thought this one would represent the Second Harvest nicely.

JaparidzeTarot_7PentaclesGardensThe Japaridze Tarot uses Gardens for the Pentacle suit.

ArtofLife_7PentaclesIn the Art of Life Tarot, we see a lovely painting plus a quote to remind us about rest and work together.

Archeon_7PentaclesHere is a woman reviewing her harvest in the Archeon Tarot.

Hobbit_7CoinsOf course we need at least one hobbit to show up–The Hobbit Tarot.

GummiBear_7Pentacles001Our little bear is trying to figure out which is the best coin to harvest in the adorable Gummy Bear Tarot.

ViscontiSforza_7coinsOf course we have to have at least one representative from the marvelous Visconti-Sforza Pierpont Morgan Tarocchi Deck.

We hope you have enjoyed this journey through some of our decks. Please join is for our daily question of the day. And check out our Pinterest boards too. Now hop on to our neighbor. Remember to leave a comment so we know you were here. Just tell us your favorite card from this post.


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