#Tarot Blog Hop: Beltaine 2013

Welcome to the U.S. Games Systems Inc's stop on the May 2013 Tarot Blog Hop. The blog before us was Chloe's Inner Whispers and the blog after us is Alison's Game of Thrones. You can find the Master List at Arwen's blog. The subject was "What traditions are important to you in how you read Tarot?"

In our participation in this Blog Hop, we've developed a tradition of sharing images of one card from many decks. Who better to represent the tradition of tradition than the Hierophant or Pope?

This card traditionally shows a spiritual advisor with figures below him. He is the voice of God and/or the intercessor of the faithful. He represents traditions and spiritual authority.

Here are some images from some our decks. Which is your favorite?


Ancestral Path


Rider Waite Smith by Rider, Waite and Smith


Ghosts and Spirits


Ukiyoe Tarot


Gummi Bear Tarot


Chinese Tarot


Thoth Tarot

So what do you think when you see the Hierophant? And what are some of the non-traditional meanings for you? Do you have a favorite U.S. Games deck Hierophant who didn't show up today? Tell us about it.

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8 thoughts on “#Tarot Blog Hop: Beltaine 2013

  1. Chloe

    My favourite is definitely the Ancestral Path, even though she’s rather non-traditional 😉 This was the second or third deck I ever bought, and I still love it! The Gummy Bears is pretty cute, too 😀

  2. Joanne Sprott

    I favor the Ancestral Path (Feminine perspective), although the Thoth has incredible depth of symbolism, as is true for the rest of that deck.

  3. Cher Green

    I guess in the way of tradition, I’ve always preferred the rider-waite Hierophant, but of these the Ancestral Path does call to me.

  4. Aisling the Bard

    Love the diversity of imagery here, and love the concept of comparison between decks–I do that. And of course, there’s a card or two on here telling me what deck(s) I need to buy next!

  5. Tami

    When I look at the Hierophant I think about structure, tradition, and rules. I think that the Thoth’s Hierophant is one of my very favorites.

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