What card is this?

Rws3 Help! We have a card with amnesia. It can't remember its name or where it goes in the Tarot deck. Can you help? Here are some hints.

1. It shares a fruit with a Major Arcana.
2. It has a connection to the Mistress of the West.
3. A version of this card appeared in a miniskirt in a Madonna video.

Do you know this card? Help us get it back in the deck.Rws1


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14 thoughts on “TAROT AMNESIA?

  1. Rae della Luna

    II The High Priestess, who shares pomegranates with the imagery in The Empress, is associated with the goddess Hathor, and was represented in the “Like A Prayer” vid by Madonna

  2. Stella

    Whoo hoo! Rae della Luna is the winner! You have earned the “oohs and aaahhs” of all of us. Now tell us how you knew that. 🙂

  3. Stella

    Rae, we would like to send you a little something for your correct guess. Can you email your snail mail address to me? Stella AT usgamesinc DOT com

  4. angel reading

    Looks like a happy community here. This is fun. I hate I’m late finding this blog. I loved to guess too. Is there an continuation with this. I find this interesting…Really…

  5. Rae della Luna

    Well don’t I feel embarrassed? I didn’t see the follow-up comments here, and have no idea why not! *blush*

  6. Rae della Luna

    I love your challenging contests, it’s always fun to play. It was extra exciting to receive a special package today from the team! Thank you so much for adding to my U.S. Games collection 😀

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