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#TAROT SPREAD: Position Is Everything

MG Queen of Pentacles_NEW Last week, US Games shared a two-part article by Mike Hernandez on interpreting body language and facial expression in the Tarot. I really enjoyed that article and developed a spread based on it.

This spread is for interpersonal relationships like between you and your boss or you and a friend.

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Tis May! Tis May!

May 1st , or May Day, is a day that I remember from my childhood as one of gentle celebration. We would put small (as in tiny!) baskets together, and leave them on our neighbors’ porches. We would ring the bell, and run like mad! This is what you were supposed to do! It was a marvelous surprise to whoever answered the door to find lovely little May baskets sitting there.

May Day (the whole month of May, IMHO) is all about celebrating spring, new growth, and just plain enjoying the good weather and getting to the actual planting of lovely flowers (and vegetables, for those who do vegetable gardens). While I have never seen it done, I love the image of young girls dancing around a May pole that is decorated with streamers and flowers, honoring the energy of the moment. What great fun! May Day is also connected with Beltane, one of eight solar Sabbats in Wiccan and Pagan traditions, and one that focuses on spring and fertility.

How do you celebrate this day? Or do you? Celebration of May Day is certainly not as widespread as it once was. Perhaps we need to do something about that! Getting back to our literal “roots”, working with the soil, honoring the cycles of the year, enjoying the beauty of the spring flowers, and the sense of joy and freedom that they bring, to me is intrinsic to this day. Honoring this day in a personal way opens you up to aligning yourself with life and its cycles (no matter what your religious background). Whether you create a May basket as a centerpiece for your table, or create smaller May baskets to leave at your neighbors’ doors, the intent is set, and the energy comes to you. What a great way to bring positive energy into our lives!

The following spread

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Tarot Quilt Spread

I saw this idea mentioned on Living Tarot on Facebook. They were talking about making a Tarot quilt. I happen to love quilts. I'm not a quilter, but the idea of sleeping under something that has been put together with such care and love amazes me. So I started daydreaming about what cards I would put in my quilt. So many cards came to my mind. The Empress and the Queen of swords for feminine creativity, beauty and clarity of thought. Then there was the 6 of cups for those happy memories. Of course the 9 of Coins so I could enjoy my rest after a hard day's work.

So I developed this Tarot Quilt spread for you to try.

The Tarot Quilt Spread

Row one is the grounding row. This is where you find what you like to wrap yourself up in so you can feel safe and protected. The cards I got were the 7 of Swords, the Page of Pentacles and the 7 of wands. What would you make of that group? I see it as mental mult-tasking, budgeting and standing my ground.

Row two is the comfort row. This what you like to wrap yourself up in so you can feel nurtured and creative. Here I received the 4 of Cups, the Moon and the Ace of swords. From this I take away the hope of one more good thing, intuitive knowledge and sudden inspiration.


Row three is the dreams row. This is what you like to wrap yourself up in so you can have beautiful dreams and reachable goals. I drew Temperance, the Knight of Cups and the King of Cups. I like this row the best because it tells me I can create my own balance and I have more holy grails to seek with friends who will nurture me.


What cards did you draw? What do you think it means? Would you sleep under this quilt?  If you could pick the nine cards, what would you choose?

The deck depicted is the Tell-Me Tarot.

© November 2010 U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Thanksgiving Spread

Cornucopia_blog A spread should give you insight into areas of your life both good and bad. If we only focus on what we need, we can lose sight of what to be grateful for.  Here in the United States we celebrate a Fall holiday called Thanksgiving.

But did you know that Americans don’t have a lock on this holiday? Eight countries total celebrate a Thanksgiving meal. They are Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Switzerland and, of course, the US.


I don’t know how they do it in other countries, but my family’s tradition involves cooking up your best dish then sharing with friends and family. We follow that up with watching football and parades.

Here is a spread to help you digest what areas of your life to be grateful for and what areas  you may to attend more.

Thanksgiving SpreadTurkey


The layout is mean to look like a table with loved ones around it.

  • TurkeyWhat sustains you. This is the meat of your life. Don’t be surprised if you find an unusual answer here. It may not be what you expect.
  • StuffingWhat completes you. This is the extra side of life that makes everything just better.
  • Cranberry SauceWhat you don't get enough of. Okay, I love cranberry sauce but if you hate it, you can replace this with something else. But this is something in your life that brings you great joy that you need to do more.
  • Green Bean CasseroleWhat you get too much of. This is that thing in your life that you overindulge in. Perhaps this will show you some place where you can let go of some things?
  • BreadWhat you need to share. What do you have that you can share with others. This doesn’t have to be a physical thing. It can be a gift or skill that you have that can enrich others and sustain them.
  • PieWhat you should enjoy more. And we all need to remember that it is okay to eat dessert. We hold ourselves back from enjoying life sometimes. This is a card to remind us that it’s okay to have one more slice of pie.
  • BlessingWhat your blessing is in life. I think this is a very important card because we need to count our blessings.


If you do this spread, I hope you will share it here in the comments. We’d love to hear back from you!

Spread previously posted on Aeclectic Tarot Forums.

© November 2010 Stephanie Arwen Lynch