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Answer For Tarot Impossible Wednesday

Whimsical-fool The answer to "Tarot Impossible: What Movie is This" is "Despicable Me". Congratulations to Lynn Merrit for her correct guess. Here is a brief synopsis of the plot and how those cards were chosen.

The movie begins with the Devil who would be the main character,Gru (Devil). He goes to the Bank of Evil but is denied (King of Coins Rx).

He decides to fake adopt three little girls (Three of Cups) who show him how to do foolish things and have fun (The Fool).

His mother (Empress Rx) shows up in flash backs and he realizes that he is being deceived by someone (Moon).

He has to fight off the other evil villain (Knight of Swords Rx). He learns from children how to live happily ever-after (6 of Cups).

Try this as a Tarot exercise. Pick a book or movie that you know very well — Wizard of Oz for instance. Now assign cards (no more than eight) to tell the story as you know it. If you have a Tarot study group, you might try this as a discussion.

I'm interested in what you come up with so please share.

Whimsical Tarot Fool

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Tarot Impossible: What Was The Question?

Agentphelps Hello Agent Reader.  We've experienced some difficulty with Agent Tarot. She was in the middle of a Tarot reading when some nefarious mad scientist abducted her. We've dispatched Agents Collier and Carter to rescue her. Your job, should you choose to accept, is to determine what the question might have been.

Africantarotcover Here is what we know. She was using the African Tarot deck. This colorful, simply drawn deck is often overlooked but has a lot to offer someone looking for a bright and amusing Tarot deck. We know that Agent Tarot was reading for Miss Lulu Lovelorn. Miss Lovelorn is also missing.

The cards are the Queen of Pentacles, the Ace of Swords and the Page of Wands. Can you apply your skills at backward Tarot reading to deduce what the question might have been? Once we know that, we can determine why these two were abducted and for what nefarious evil plot.


 Africantarotqueenpentacles Africantarotaceswords Africantarotpagewands

This blog post will not self-destruct in thirty seconds. Do post your thoughts. The world is depending on you, Agent Reader.

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Tarot Mystery #5 (And a Giveaway!)

Mag Glass Fingerprints 120 Hello Fool Stop Tarot Blog readers!

It's time for yet another Tarot Mystery (aren't these fun?). This time, it's a Tarot Mystery and a Giveaway. Woohoo! (And you know how much I love giving away stuff…)

Tarot Mystery #5 happens to be a song.

Based on the 9 of Cups and The Star cards below (from the lusciously bizarre Deviant Moon Tarot birthed from Patrick Valenza's twistedly creative mind) what famous song am I thinking?

Deviant 9 c 250 Deviant star 250

Here's the giveaway part! All you have to do is post a guess and you'll automatically be entered into the random drawing to win…

1JJ 160 An oldie but goodie…the Swiss 1JJ Tarot deck!

Posts must be made before Monday October 4, 2010, 8 AM EST (good Lord, it's almost October already?!) .

So tell me…the 9 of Cups + The Star = what song?

Have fun and good luck!

Deviant Moon Tarot ISBN 978-1-57281-611-4

Swiss 1JJ Tarot ISBN 0-913866-51-2

Janet, Social Media Maven for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Tarot Mystery #4

Mag 120 It's time for another Tarot Mystery!

Don your deerstalker, grab your magnifying glass, release the bloodhounds–and let the guessing begin!

Below, please note the 8 of Pentacles and 6 of Pentacles from the Tell-Me Tarot deck. What is their Tarot Mystery?

Here's a clue: Tarot Mystery #4 happens to be a "thing".

Tell Me 8 P Tell Me 6 P 

Based on the cards above (the order is important!), can you guess what it is?

Have fun!

The ISBN for the Tell-Me Tarot is 978-1-57281-631-2 and available at your favorite online or brick-and-mortar retailer. If you don't see it, just ask!

— Janet