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An Interview with the Cat’s Eye Tarot by Tarot Notes

Cats_EmperorWhat happens when cats interview the Cat's Eye Tarot? Read Tarot Notes to find out.

Here's a small excerpt.

As their servant, I naturally agreed to their plan. They elected the lovely Karma (aka Karmalita, Kars, or Karsby) to conduct the interview. They also stated that they would not require my presence during the interview, and that they would arrange for the interview to be transcribed and delivered to me at their convenience.

Tarot Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Woohoo! I made another Tarot puzzle for you all–this time, a crossword puzzle! Let me know if you'd like to see more of these types of puzzles, dear readers.


Tarot Crossword Puzzle

2. High Priestess
3. Court de Gebelin
6. Arthur Waite's Middle Name
8. Traitor
10. Levi
11. Sola
12. Fortitude
13. Batons
15. Thoth Judgment
16. Pictorial
1. Pamela Colman Smith's Nickname
2. Hierophant
4. La Maison Dieu
5. Lady Frieda
7. Juggler
9. Crowley
14. Pentacles

Janet, Social Media Maven for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Scoping a New Deck? Which Card Do You Look at First?

Moon JDV Tarot On Twitter, I was chatting with Liz Christy about Paulina Cassidy's delightful Joie de Vivre Tarot.

Liz mentioned how much she loved The Moon card from this upcoming deck (see image at left), and that The Moon was the first card she looked for when checking out a Tarot deck.

I shared the cards I usually look for (The Moon, too, as well as The Hermit, Death, The Tower, 5 of Pentacles and the 7 of Cups) and she wondered if others also had the habit of looking for certain Tarot cards when examining an unfamliar deck.

Figuring this would make a great blog topic, I ran with the idea.

So I now ask you, dear reader: when you're scoping out a Tarot deck, what card/s do you look at first? Any particular reasons for this choice?

Have you ever bought a deck based solely on those cards, only to be disappointed when you got them into your hands and looked through the entire deck?

I'd love to hear what cards you tend to seek out for first-blush impressions!

— Janet

The Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy will be published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. You can also purchase prints of this card and others at Paulina's site here.

Guess the U.S. Games Deck #2

Question Smiley Quick Note: A little bird told me that the fine denizens at U.S. Games Systems HQ really dig these Guess the Deck posts. Although our V.P. of Marketing and Sales–Codename Corporate Ron–tried to bribe me with a Buffalo Nickel, I stayed resolute, refusing to divulge the answer to Guess the Deck #1. In another sneaky maneuver, he asked our Creative Director who, unfortunately, relayed the correct deck to Corporate Ron. A word of caution to the Art Department: Loose lips sink ships. If anyone around HQ starts to ask you a string of questions about a deck, be on high alert! He (or she) is trying to solve Guess the Deck the easy way.

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Hi folks! It's time for Guess the Deck #2. Listens as the cyber-crowd goes wild.

Which USGS deck has a creator that:

  • Switches traditional masculine/feminine suit associations by making Pentacles masculine and Wands feminine
  • Embodies the King of Cups card
  • Is a Pisces
  • Favors the number 4
  • Considered The World the most challenging card to render
  • Re-names the Pages as Heralds

Have fun!

— Janet