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Bring It On!

Bring it on – the journey, the experiences, and the empowerment – bring it on! Bring what on? Bring the Tarot on! Bring on the archetypes! Bring on the Minors! Bring on the Court Cards! Bring them all on! Understand that the Tarot works in many ways – through the use of spreads, meditation, visualization, ritual, journaling, story telling – the ways in which Tarot works are endless! The key is to reach out, pick up a deck (or several decks) and use it!

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Holiday Storyboard

Wreath1 The holiday season is upon us, filled with sensuous memories from the past that sustain us, and loving memories in the making. It is a rich storyboard, with each individual story waiting to be written.  The Tarot is a wonderful tool that allows us to write our personal story in our own fashion. Arm yourself with your favorite beverage (coffee – full strength, please for me!), and gather near you the decks that excite you, the ones that want to go with you on this journey of telling your own story. Take your time – this is meant to be a fun journey!

The first thing that you want to think about is

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Tarot Quilt Spread

I saw this idea mentioned on Living Tarot on Facebook. They were talking about making a Tarot quilt. I happen to love quilts. I'm not a quilter, but the idea of sleeping under something that has been put together with such care and love amazes me. So I started daydreaming about what cards I would put in my quilt. So many cards came to my mind. The Empress and the Queen of swords for feminine creativity, beauty and clarity of thought. Then there was the 6 of cups for those happy memories. Of course the 9 of Coins so I could enjoy my rest after a hard day's work.

So I developed this Tarot Quilt spread for you to try.

The Tarot Quilt Spread

Row one is the grounding row. This is where you find what you like to wrap yourself up in so you can feel safe and protected. The cards I got were the 7 of Swords, the Page of Pentacles and the 7 of wands. What would you make of that group? I see it as mental mult-tasking, budgeting and standing my ground.

Row two is the comfort row. This what you like to wrap yourself up in so you can feel nurtured and creative. Here I received the 4 of Cups, the Moon and the Ace of swords. From this I take away the hope of one more good thing, intuitive knowledge and sudden inspiration.


Row three is the dreams row. This is what you like to wrap yourself up in so you can have beautiful dreams and reachable goals. I drew Temperance, the Knight of Cups and the King of Cups. I like this row the best because it tells me I can create my own balance and I have more holy grails to seek with friends who will nurture me.


What cards did you draw? What do you think it means? Would you sleep under this quilt?  If you could pick the nine cards, what would you choose?

The deck depicted is the Tell-Me Tarot.

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